June 23, 2018

Now integrate DPD Germany as your shipping carrier!

Orderhive 2.0 has now made DPD Germany available to its users for integration as a shipping carrier, apart from many existing channels. You can now sync your shipping & logistics between your warehouse, stores and DPD Germany. All of this is available on your existing Orderhive dashboard.




Here is how to add DPD Germany as one of your shipping carrier:

  • Click on ‘Integrations’ in the main menu
  • Click on ‘Shipping’
  • Select ‘Add Carrier’
  • Select ‘DPD
  • Complete the ‘Adding DPD’ process in required fields

If you are using Orderhive trial software, and were looking specifically for DPD Germany integration, we are sure this integration is going to serve great purpose to you.

'DPD Germany' new feature champion

Developer Image

Kiran Shahdadpuri

Full Stack Developer

Developer Image

Twinkle Soni

Full Stack Developer

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