January 10, 2020

Now Split Orders by SKUs, Product, Category, and Suppliers.

Till now, you only had the option to split orders on the basis of quantities but from now onwards Orderhive is introducing a new feature in which you can bifurcate your orders by SKUs, Products, Categories, and Suppliers depending upon your convenience and courier charges of different courier partners based on product’s weight, size, fragility, perishability, etc.

Let’s understand the process of how you will be able to do it in the software with the help of an example.

As you see in the gif this is a single order requested by a customer, Shikha, containing 5 Nike Shoes, 10 T-shirts, and 5 iPhone X.  

Now for you if sending iPhones with a courier partner named XYZ is more reliable and cost-effective than sending them with the courier partner ABC whose going to ship Nike shoes and T-shirts. Of course, you will want to send iPhone through the XYZ courier but because the order is a single order.

So, how do you do it?

Select the order and click on the “MORE”  button present below at the right-hand side corner. Amongst various options, you will see the Split order option. Click on the split order and another pop up will open. You can see a drop-down named “Split Order By” where when you click you will see 4 options- Items, SKU, Supplier, and Category.

Click on any one of the options depending on your requirements.

Now in this case, since shoes and t-shirt come in the same category of fashion and the iPhone comes in a category of mobile( you can add the category according to your requirements). The apt option would be selecting the Category option.

As soon as you click, the orders will get split accordingly and you will see different orders with one primary order and customer. As you can see that the order now has split into 2 orders on the basis of categories i.e. fashion and mobile.

As you can observe in the giff.

Now you can send one part of the order by the courier partner XYZ and the other by ABC.

Similarly, if you wanted to send all three orders through different couriers you can select the SKU option from the drop-down and the orders will be separated on the basis of SKUs and the same goes for the segregation based on Items.

Segregating orders by “Supplier” is a boon for the dropshippers who have to send different products from different suppliers to a single customer for a single order.

This Split order feature will allow you to ship different products of the same order at your convenience and will make inventory and order management easier for you.

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