January 7, 2019

Now you can create mass shipment labels in Orderhive using shipping ‘Presets’

Your business demands of you to create shipping labels for many orders in bulk at once? With Orderhive, it’s now possible in just a step or two. You need to simply define shipping presets with different combinations of most preferred shipping label specifications; and simply select the applicable preset at the time of bulk generation of shipping labels.



Here is how to create ‘Shipping Presets’:

(Orderhive account) Shipments → Click on Presets → Add Preset → Specify or select details → Save


Here is how to create ‘Mass Shipment Labels’:

(Orderhive account) Orders → Select orders in bulk → Ship → Select preset from dropdown for each → (Complete the shipping process)


'Mass Shipment Label creation' new feature champion:

Developer Image

Kruti Raval

Full Stack Developer

Developer Image

Savan Matariya

Full Stack Developer

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