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September 6, 2018

Now you can set #MaximumQuantity of stock to be displayed on your Ebay store

New Orderhive now makes it possible for eBay sellers to set a constant stock quantity to be displayed for sale on eBay until the actual stock goes below the set quantity. This new feature will help if you don’t want to sync stock exactly as per warehouse quantity. For e.g.: if you set Maximum Qty of product ABC as 10 and actual stock in warehouse is 12, then 10 will be updated on eBay store. And if stock Qty does down to 9, then 9 will be updated on the store.



Here is how you can use eBay #MaximumQuantity feature :

Open Orderhive account -> Go to Settings -> Click Integrations -> Select eBay -> Fill amount in ‘Maximum quantity of stock available for sell on eBay’ -> Click ‘Done’
(Please note: This is a non-mandatory field – You can keep it blank if you want to sync stock exactly as per warehouse quantity)

‘Maximum Quantity’ new feature champion:

Developer Image

Vicky Thakor

Full Stack Developer

Developer Image

Harshit Kakadiya

Full Stack Developer

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