May 16, 2019

Send your customers a direct link to send payments; Orderhive’s payment link email template gets revamped with smart format and a ‘Pay Now’ button.

The Orderhive payment link email template gets revamped into a smarter format with a ‘Pay Now’ button below the invoice amount and the due date. This format can also be copied and customized to create as many email templates as one needs, keeping one as default. Thus, Orderhive users can send professional emails with a payment link that directs the receiver to integrated payment gateway to proceed with payment.  




To see new payment link email template: (Orderhive account) Settings → Emails → Payment link email template → Copy standard template → Edit or Save

To send payment link: (Orderhive account) Orders → Select invoiced order  → (Transaction section) → Click on More → Send payment link → Generate link → Send

Who Developed this Amazing Features?

Developer Image

Himadri Dhingani

Full Stack Developer

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