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September 17, 2019

Orders: How to download ‘Custom Reports’?

Downloading orders and all the fields along with it makes work more and more tedious for us all. Above that making sense out of all the data can be a nightmare for so many people, but not to worry, Orderhive is here with a solution that’s going to change the way you dissect through complex data and arrive at actionable conclusions. From the set of multiple solutions here are a few that we would like to highlight:


Custom Order Download

How does it Help – Generally within Orderhive, whenever you download a report, you get all the fields together in the CSV file. You then have to hide certain columns or delete them if they are of no interest for you. But now Orderhive will allow you to create custom templates of the kind of reports you need for your business.

  • You can select/deselect groups of columns that you do not need for that certain kind of template.
  • You can create different templates for different teams depending on the kind of data visibility they should have
  • You can create different templates depending upon the kind of work they are required for (e.g. if I am checking on the growth of orders, SKU wise, I would not need data about shipping and billing addresses, whereas if I am just trying to figure out the growth of my sales within a geographical region, in which I had done an offline promotion, I would not need details about child SKUs too much, both of these could also be used as separate templates)


Advantages of this mechanism

  • Only the appropriate data visible within one report
  • Easier to cut through insights
  • An efficient form of data sharing with team members
  • Hundreds of templates that help you select what data is needed at one specific time
  • You can replace a certain keyword by another keyword easily in the file, without having to change the actual data
  • You can edit or delete a format in future as per requirement.


How to do it

  1. Go to Orders
  2. Select or Filter Orders as per your requirement. Or else you can also download a report for all the orders, click on the export button at the bottom.
  3. Under the title File Format, Click on “Add File Format”
  4. Give the Format a Name
  5. Also, give the file a name
  6. Select the fields that you wish to get added to the file.
  7. Start Adding File Fields by clicking add more and select the field that you wish gets shown.
  8. If you wish the field gets shown with a different name, you can also name the field or else they would be available with a default name
  9. You can also use the Search and replace functionality where you can replace a certain search keyword with a different name. E.g. Search keyword à “United States Of America”, Replace with à “USA”


You can even edit or delete the file format in the future if required.

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