June 22, 2018

Price Adjustment now just a one-click task with Orderhive 2.0!

Orderhive strives to make its users experience smooth and faster, while providing desired inventory management software expertise.

The five-step long process for price adjustment becomes just a one-click cool task. Quick Price Adjustment is an updated feature made for use in Product list page. You will be no more required go to specific product page to change the price. You can stay on main Products page and adjust price in one click for as many stores that are listed. You can also add ‘reason’ for the price adjustment if required, for your or other user’s reference.


Price Adjustment


Here is how you can easily adjust price:

  • Go to Products Page
  • Click on ‘Price’ entry for the specific product and specific Orderhive store (if multiple)
  • Input ‘Updated Price’ and click ‘Update’

'Quick Price Adjustment' update champion

Developer Image

Rahul Kumawat

Full Stack Developer