Introducing the option ‘Print Label Then Slip’ in the Shipments module


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Now the users can print the labels and slips for multiple shipments along with printing labels and slips together as per their convenience. 


Follow this step by step process to see how it works:


Go to the shipments screen:





Select the shipments that you are willing to print slips and labels for:





Now, click on the ‘Label and Slip’ button:





Now you will find the options to execute printing of all labels and then of all slips or to print one label and one slip for the selected shipments:





Note: The second option will only work when the page size and orientation of both the label and the slip templates are the same.


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Prem Parmar

Software Engineer

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Niyati Patel

Full Stack Developer

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Neel Vithalani

Neel Vithalani

Neel is a creative who's always ready to lay his hands on anything that is innovative and captures masses. He is currently working with Orderhive. Apart from technology and business practices, he drools over psychology, history, and cinematography. You can find him on hiking trips, talking over anything from alien belief systems to 90's cartoon shows.

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