February 3, 2020

Purchase: Product Label for Purchase Orders

Orderhive was all set with the ‘Purchase’ module; the version 2.0 had to get sorted, and so it did. The Kanban view was introduced, although the users faced difficulties migrating from the previous version to the newer one, things happened positively.

There was a small feature in the ‘Purchase’ module wherein the user could download a barcode label for the products for which a purchase order was raised. Although this feature was very useful, there had been loopholes for certain customers.

(i) This feature was only available with a single default template. So, there was no room for any like or dislike.

(ii) The customers who didn’t have barcode scanners were not able to take the complete benefit of this feature.

Let’s take a look at what happened next!

There had been many reviews on how and why the feature of ‘barcode labels’ can be changed, and these reviews were supported by many Orderhive users. The Orderhive team ran a feasibility check on the updations that were planned to be carried out on this specific feature and how will it operate.

The feature of ‘barcode label’ was then changed to ‘product label’ which covered almost all the loopholes which existed in the previous feature. The ‘product label’ now had – product name, supplier name, date, quantity, etc. on it wherein no barcode was necessary.

Below, you can see how a product label can be downloaded.

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