October 11, 2019

Purchases: New Functionality to ‘Cancel’ Purchase Orders

Orderhive’s “Purchase” team has come up with an update to cancel a raised purchase order whenever required. Even this decision was taken after receiving the customer feedbacks.


Retailers faced issues when to cancel the purchase order. Once the purchase order was approved and raised, the only way to cancel it was to contact the wholesaler or supplier manually.


With this new feature ‘to cancel the raised or approved’ purchase order, Orderhive users can now cancel their purchase orders from the software itself, no need for the manual mundane tasks.


Now, to cancel a selected number of purchase orders, follow the below-mentioned steps…



Once the purchase order is selected, click on “MORE” at the bottom and then click on “CANCEL”.



You can also double-click on a particular purchase order, then click on “MORE” at the bottom and then click on “CANCEL”.



In a similar way, if there are multiple purchase orders that are required to be canceled, select them all, click on “MORE” at the bottom and then click on “CANCEL”.



When it comes to partially fulfilled orders, the purchase orders that are yet to be fulfilled will get canceled. And the part of it which got fulfilled will remain untouched. Here too, select the purchase orders you wish to cancel, click on “MORE” at the bottom and then click on “CANCEL”.




NOTE: The option of “CANCEL” will not be available for the purchase orders that are fully received.

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