January 10, 2020

Shopify location-wise advance option to manage inventory

Shopify has recently come with the new functionality of segregating inventory at different warehouses locations. This feature of segregation was already there in Orderhive.

Hence from now on, all you need to do is to add the warehouse’s location in Shopify and map each location on Orderhive. Now Orderhive, in turn, will send warehouse wise segregated inventory to Shopify.

Usability of this new update

  • You can create, rules of various delivery on Shopify
  • You can get warehouse wise inventory visibility for each product on Shopify
  • You can even add advanced options let say, inventory for an SKU in Orderhive is X-units, now you wish to update or show it Y% more or less on Shopify, just update the value (in %) in the respected field.

How to do it

  1. Add your warehouse locations in Shopify
  2. Orderhive will automatically fetch those warehouse from Shopify
  3. Now map each of those Shopify warehouses with Orderhive warehouse.
  4. Then click on product sync on Orderhive to sync the Shopify’s warehouse data 
  5. Now warehouse wise inventory would be visible for each of your products.

Who Developed this Amazing Features?

Developer Image

Drasty Solanki

Full Stack Developer

Developer Image

Vicky Thakor

Full Stack Developer

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