June 25, 2018

Stock Count Form now downloadable for physical stock check!

Saving on inventory costs and losses is the key to inventory management. Manual inventory count is a definitive measure to reconfirm whether your online data is accurate and in sync with actual stock numbers, since computers don’t count for theft or any manual shuffle or misplacement from your warehouse until fed.

A Stock Count Form will help in counting physical inventories in the warehouse and matching it with available data and barcodes. Any potential measures can be hence taken in case of any inventory incongruity. The form can be downloaded from your Orderhive account, and used to manually document quick changes in On-hand inventory, and to further feed into the system.



Here is how you can use Stock Count Form:

  • Go to ‘Products’ Page
  • Click on ‘Stock Count’ and select Warehouse for which you need to export the form
  • Download the PDF page and print for use

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