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Stock Transfer
September 23, 2019

Stock Transfer: Introducing Clone Transfer

Retailers and wholesalers often found it a cumbersome process to put in all the details in Orderhive and then transfer the stocks from one warehouse to another. After receiving all the necessary customer feedback and suggestions, Orderhive came up with an idea of cloning the entire stock transfer card. This was done in order to reduce the process for the inventory manager.


This is how cloning of a stock transfer can be done…


#1 Select a stock transfer card.




#2 Click on Clone



#3 A cloned “Stock Transfer” card will get created with the same pricing, same quantity, and the same products as the parent/root-stock transfer card.



#4 Click on “Save” and your cloned Stock Transfer card will be created.


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Pratik Chaudhari

Full Stack Developer

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