January 29, 2020

Suppliers: Introducing ‘supplier-wise currency’

A few days back, there was a query raised by one of the Orderhive users, “Whenever a purchase order is raised, the cost price of the product should get associated with the supplier with the currency mentioned in the purchase order.”

Well, this suggestion was very much appreciated by many other Orderhive users, and this is what made the technical team of Orderhive to introduce this brilliant feature of having a “supplier-wise currency” in the Supplier module.

One of the customers also stated their view on the same – “I would love to see this feature getting in. I deal with GBP for all of my sales, however, all of my items are purchased from China using USD. Currently, the last purchase price of my product will always be stored in GBP, this means that the price will be different every time when I set the purchase order to USD. You should also be able to set a default currency for each supplier, the products and purchase orders linked to this supplier should be a default and as per that particular suppliers’ default currency.”

There certainly are chances when a retailer might have a supplier from another country, say for example from China, as mentioned above. There are thousands of such retailers, and this is their best-proven way of making a profit. These retailers can just not sit and keep on changing the currency for all of their suppliers, every now and then. And thence, this feature!

We have seen why this feature came into the picture. Now, let’s see how you can allocate a currency to a specific supplier. Follow the images shown below…

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