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Adding tax percentage for products in Orderhive is..

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| 8 Sep 2021
Shopify Location Mapping Gets A Fresh Update

Here’s an exciting update for users who have multiple warehouses on Orderhive and multiple Shopify locations.

Now, instead of compulsorily mapping your Orderhive warehouses to their corresponding Shopify locations, you now have the option of mapping only those locations that you want.

New Feature Alert: Now You Can Receive Stock Transfer by Scan

Orderhive users now have another way of receiving stock transfers. Apart from the earlier methods, users can now receive stock transfers by scanning the item barcodes. This is similar to receiving Purchase Orders by the scan.

Faster and More Secured Product Exports

When you export your products from Orderhive, they will now load much quicker across all browsers and devices, thanks to our latest server enhancements.

Additionally, the link will now expire in 7 days from the date of export. This ensures greater data protection for all Orderhive users.


| 1 Sep 2021
Greater Control over the size for your Custom Templates

Orderhive users can now add custom template sizes for the following templates:

1. Order
2. Invoice
3. Shipping Labels
4. Packing Slips
5. Custom Forms
6. DropShipping labels

Clear your receiving quantities in stock transfers with one click

While receiving the stock transfer, Orderhive users can now click on the newly added “Reset” button in the ‘Quantity’ column. This will reset the value to zero with a single click instead of having to change the quantity back to zero manually.

Now Generate A6 size Thermal Shipping Labels for Bluedart with Orderhive

Orderhive now lets the users generate and print A-6 sized thermal shipping labels for Bluedart.

Now select all of your warehouses with one click

Orderhive users can now select all their warehouses with a simple click of a button. We have added an all-new ‘Select All’ toggle on the setting page. Users can find the toggle by following the steps given below:

Settings > Organization > SubUser > Warehouse Access Permission


| 18 Aug 2021
Creating and updating product bundles now made easier than ever!

Orderhive users can now easily create and update product bundles by using import sheets.

Product Labels for Amazon FBA now support FNSKU details.

Orderhive now allows users to add Store wise FNSKU, FNSKU barcode, and Product Condition fields to their product labels for Amazon FBA.

1. Go to settings.
2. Click on the ‘Products’ tab
3. Select “Create Product Label template”
4. Add all the fields that you want on your label and click “Save”

Now you can search products in the listing their FNSKU

Orderhive users can now search for any product by its corresponding FNSKU number.

1. Click on the ‘Products’ tab in the left panel.
2. In the search box, type the FNSKU number for the product.
3. Orderhive will show the product in the results.

Orderhive Users Can Now Search For Orders By Their Serial Numbers

Orderhive now lets you search for any order by entering the serial number on the ‘Order Listing’ page. The serial number of an order is the one that is added to its line items.

Now You Can Filter Your Orders By Their Shipping Due Date

We have made it easier for Orderhive users to filter their orders by adding a ‘Shipping Due Date’ filter on the order listing page.

Automated Order Creation Gets A Boost

Orderhive has added two new fields, “Time” and “Day”, for users while using the “Order Created” condition.

For example, a user can set up the following automation using these fields:
1. Condition: If Order Day is Monday, Order Created time is before 7 AM
2. Action: Tag Tuesday / Set shipping Due date of Tuesday

Users Can Now Search Orders By Entering The Picklist ID

Orderhive now lets you search for any order by entering the picklist ID in the search bar on the “Order List” page.


| 2 Aug 2021
Now Search Products by their FNSKU numbers

Orderhive now lets you search products in the listing view by typing FNSKU numbers in the search bar.

Shipment Summary Reports

When you generate your Shipment Summary report, it will not show details about the return shipment. This has been done to eliminate the confusion regarding various dates.

Now you can change the File Name of the FTP Invoice when you export it to PDF

Orderhive now has an option that allows you to switch between different name formats for your invoices while sharing them via FTP.

You can select from the following name formats:
- Orderhive Order ID
- Channel Order ID
- Channel Order Number

You Can Now See FNSKU Details on the Product Details Page

If the FBA listing is available for the product in the ‘Store Listing’ section, Orderhive will display FNSKU details along with the SKU column.

Quantity Updates for Inactive Products in Etsy

Etsy integration users can now receive quantity updates for products that are marked as “Inactive” in Orderhive.

Simply go to the Etsy integration page and enable the "Allow sold out and expired listings to be renewed when stock becomes available". Voila! You will now receive all the quantity update messages for your inactive products.

Now You Can Sync Your Inactive Products from Reverb

If you’re using Reverb integration, you can now sync all your inactive products. Simply visit the “Store add/edit” page and click on the toggle "Sync Inactive Products".

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| 21 Jul 2021
Completed Date' filter added to the Purchase Order Summary Report

Orderhive users can now filter their purchase orders by their date of completion. To apply this filter, follow the steps given below:

1. Click “Reports” on your dashboard
2. In the sub-menu, click on “Purchase”
3. Click on “Purchase Summary Report”
4. All the available filters will be shown at the top of your screen. Click on “Completed Date” and choose your desired date of completion.
5. Click on “Generate Report”

You can now renew sold out and expired listings in Etsy once they are back in stock

Good news for the Orderhive users who use Etsy integration. Orderhive now allows you to renew the items that have expired or have been sold out as soon as they have been replenished.

This option is available on the “Add/Edit Etsy Integration” page.

Please note that Etsy will charge users who have enabled this option.

Greater tax clarity in your invoices

We have added two new fields in Orderhive’s invoice template so that your templates give you a clearer idea of your pre and post-tax revenues.

The following fields have been added to the invoice template:

1. “Price Excluding Tax” in Line Items
2. “Sub Total Excluding Tax” in Invoice

Now Automatically Set Your Order and Shipping Due Dates

No need to manually calculate your delivery dates anymore. Orderhive now has the option where you can automate setting the due dates for all your orders and deliveries.

For this, a ‘before/after’ condition and add option has been added to the ‘Set Order Due Date’ and ‘Set Shipping Due Date’ actions.

Example: If you want to add a shipping due date for delivery based on the order delivery date, you can automate it by setting up the following trigger:

“set 'Shipping Due Date' 'before/after' ___ (enter required number) days of 'Delivery/Order Due Date'”


| 7 Jul 2021
Orderhive Users Can Now Change The File Name When Uploading Them

This enhancement will help users in managing their files better. The supported file formats are:


File size up to 5 MB.

The Search Suggestions For Creating Return Orders Is Optimized

With the current optimization, users can now get more relevant suggestions while using the search function while creating Return Orders.

Users Can Now Use Magento GiftCard As A Simple Product

Just like Amazon gift cards, you can now use Magento GiftCards. They will be treated as a normal product.

Orderhive Adds Support For Receiving Partial Stock Transfers

Prior to this update, users were allowed to receive only the full product quantity. With this update, they can now accept partial order quantity in case a product is missing/damaged. This will help simplify product quantity management.

Free Plan Users Can Now Again Start Using Custom Email Templates

We had stopped support for custom email templates for Free Plan users due to security concerns. Now the issues are addressed, and our Free Plan users can start using custom email templates again.

Users Can Now Export Invoice PDF Through FTP Integration

Earlier, only Shipment Label Export over FTP was supported, but with this update, users can also export invoices in PDF format.


| 2 Jul 2021
Orderhive Has Implemented Multi-Location Support For Magento 2.3

Magento 2.3 and upward versions will now support multi-location warehousing to provide the much-needed business agility. Orderhive was already supporting such features for other platforms and Magento users can benefit from the same from now onwards.

Orderhive Recently Added 'Switzerland' and 'United Kingdom' In Return Receiver Country List Used In Creating Return Labels For DHL DE integration

German users can now add Switzerland and the United Kingdom in return labels as receiver countries after this update.

Users Can Now Add Notes For Each Order And The Same Will Be Reflected In QuickBooks

This update will make accounting easier as users can synchronize notes added in Orderhive in the description field of QuickBooks.

API Users Can Now Avail Custom Order Status

The API-based users can now update the custom status of any and receive notification once the concerned operation is executed.

Multiple Warehouses Filter Added In Inventory Valuation Report By Cost (Purchase Price) Report

Users can now filter the inventory evaluation report results based on the warehouse location after this update.

Custom Field Support Added To Custom Forms

Earlier, users were able to add only basic information sets in custom forms. With this enhancement, they can now add custom fields and values as required.

Support Provided For Custom Fields In Order Via FTP Shipment Export To 3PL Partners

Users can now send custom data to 3PL partners through FTP for ensuring compliance with any special requirements.

Note: Custom fields will be exported only if proper values of the template and use "CustomFields" key are set in the store_config"

Email Address To Be Verified For New User Signup

With this update, the email addresses will be verified to uphold mutual convenience during the new sign-up process.

MagentoRest and Magento 2.3 Users Can Now Add "Store Credit" As A Discount Component

1. Magento Rest: If 'store_credit' key-value available in order response then add an extra item with the name 'Store credit'
2. Magento 2.3: If 'amstorecredit_amount' key-value available in order response then add an extra item with the name 'Store credit'

Extra item sync added in Reviso at invoice sync time/

Note: Item category: discount set for added extra item


| 22 Jun 2021
More Information Fields Added For Webshipper Users

Orderhive will now synchronize the details like order notes, country of origin of products, and shipping custom items.

Orderhive Added A New Field In PO Export Sheet Which Will Show PO Status

This enhancement will allow the users to view the current status of the purchase orders.

Two Way Synchronization Implemented Between Vtex And Orderhive

This update will reduce the work on the user's part as they will no longer need to make the same changes on Vtex and Orderhive separately. They can make changes on Orderhive and the same alterations will be reflected on Vtex as well.

Users Can Now Choose To Keep Standard Purchase Price Instead Of Updating Them

Earlier, users could not set a standard purchase price and it was updated every time users received an order. Now they can select a standard purchase price by following the below method:

Settings->Purchase Orders to enable/disable "Update Last Purchase Price on receiving Purchase Order


| 15 Jun 2021
Three new columns added in the export PO sheet

Orderhive has included three separate columns for date of PO, modified date of PO, and completed date of PO. This will help make your operations more intuitive.

Subusers can now edit orders

With this update, the master user can now allocate editing access to sub-users.
Note: This edit access is only controlled when the user edits orders through the details page, listing page, or through the 'Bulk Update' option.

Order search functionality refined for better user experience

We have updated the search functionality on Orderhive. Users will get more relevant results quickly from now onwards.

Orderhive will provide the drop point location for Webshipper

This enhancement will allow users to display the drop point location for shipping items via Webshipper. Thus, users can choose other locations apart from the customer's address.

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| 12 May 2021
Users Can Now Send Value Either True Or False On Turn14 As Per Their Requirement.

Before this enhancement, the value was displayed as either 'signature_required' in case the query did not meet the user's criteria. Now they have to create a single custom field in the form of a checkbox named signature_required and the customs value entered by them will be sent to Turn14 accordingly.

Orderhive Users Can Now Update Product ID That Already Mapped In BOM And WO

Earlier, users were not able to update the product id since doing so will result in an error for subsequent uses. Now you can make changes in the product id and they will be reflected in the database, improving user experience.

UFC Users Can Now Access Invoice Register Report

This enhancement will provide UFC users with details of invoices generated by a user on any given date including their status like paid or unpaid along with product details.

Users Can Now Access A New Report That Contains Work Order by Product

Users can now avail details like how many work orders were added by a particular user on a date.


| 11 May 2021
The Number Of Orders Displayed In Picklist Now Doubled To 200

Earlier, users could print 100 items in their picklist. But Orderhive increased the order picklist count to 200 so that businesses with bigger sales volumes can manage their operations easily.

Now The Brand Name For Products For "Out of Stock" Report

With the addition of the brand name column, Orderhive users will be able to run their operations more intuitively.

Orderhive will now display a confirmation message every time a product/part or service is deleted.

This enhancement will help users in confirming the results of their actions so that they can make adequate changes in the BOM and WO.

Orderhive Adds Auto Scheduler For Archiving Orders And Optimized Order Archiving Workflow

This enhancement will help speed up the archival process and assist users in exercising better control over the process. We have also added the 'Archive Orders After' dropdown for greater convenience.

Synchronization Between Orderhive And E-Logik Implemented

This enhancement will allow the users to set up a warehouse that will be selected as default once the integration is completed. The synchronization will be carried out in a window of each 24 hours.

Two Way Sync Will Help Improve Ease Of Selling On WooCommerce

After this enhancement, if an item is deleted from the order received on WooCommerce, it will be synchronized on Orderhive to simplify operations.

The WooCommerce Version 3 Is Now Available On Orderhive

Now the users can integrate the V3 to replace the existing V2 of WooCommerce and continue with the operations like before.


| 5 May 2021
Orderhive now supports report-level access

Users can now exercise full complete control over reports as described below:

1. A report will have an Owner. The Owner has the power to change the owner of the report and to manage access to the report by other users of the tenant.
2. A report can not have two sub-users as their owner at once.
3. If a user has access to the report but is not the owner of the report, they can perform all actions on the report, except changing the access to the report or changing the owner of the report.
4. If a user is the owner of the report, they have visibility access to that report by default.
5. The main user of the tenant has access and is the owner of all the default reports and custom reports.
6. The access to a report can either be Public (can be accessed by all the users of that tenant), Private (can only be accessed by the user who is the owner of the report), or Limited Access (can be accessed by all the users of the tenant which are selected by the user).
7. A newly created custom report's access will be Private by default, i.e., if the Main user creates a custom report, only they can access it. If a sub-user creates a custom report, only they can access it along with the Main user. No other sub-user will have access to it.
8. All the existing reports can be accessed by all the users of the tenant. The Main user will be the default owner of all existing reports.

A column for quantity added in the work order listing page

Earlier, the clients needed to open each Work Order if they wanted to check the quantity. With this enhancement in place, users don't need to perform the extra step.

Two way sync implemented for the following functionalities in woocommerce integration

Users can now benefit from the automated synchronization of the below data in WooCommerce:

1. Quantity decrease in any existing Sales Order Item
2. Removal of any existing Sales Order Item
3. Metadata details addition, updates, or removal in any existing Sales Order Item

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| 4 May 2021
Users can now change the page size and scale while printing barcodes

The users had to print barcodes in fixed page size, and no barcode scale was available. This enhancement will add to the convenience and help manage their operations better.

A new functionality added to establish relationships between products

Users can now relate and unrelate products while creating/editing them. This will help users select related alternatives if the particular product they are willing to use is unavailable.

A new column 'default payment method' added in import customer template

You can now set up the default payment method while importing customers along with other data.

Orderhive adds shipping & billing state column on the order listing page

With this enhancement, you can choose a carrier accordingly without going into the detailed view.

Shipping state visible & Billing state is hidden by default


| 14 Apr 2021
Changes made to transfer module for inbound shipments

With this update, the following changes help to make Orderhive's Transfer module more user-friendly:

- Added mandatory notes for measurement and weight in Boxes export sheet
- Display prefill warehouse details in Truckload information for Less Than Truckload (LTT)
- For LTT Shipping method, Use of the term 'Pallets' instead of Boxes
- [UI] Option to Assign box wise, Add SKU and Expiry date added in the Create Shipment screen
- Display SKU wise added quantity and expiry date in Packed Item screen
- [Fix] Edit FBA Transfer support added to save time

Option to add meta-data provided in sales and purchase order templates

Orderhive users can now input any custom information in the metadata field to add special notes. This enhancement will allow users to edit any details without any lengthy process.

The item condition data from Amazon FBA will now be available on Orderhive

This update will provide users with fresh data from Amazon FBA regarding the shipped item's condition like the FNSKU.

Stripe Integration - 3D card payment issues in Stripe solved

It was reported that the users were facing troubles while processing payments made through 3D Cards and after this update, they won't face any issues while doing so.

Additional data field added in the product label template

The new fields for FNSKU and Condition data from the Amazon FBA will help to add data in the Product Label template for operational purposes.

Users can now sort orders based on conditional formatting

The newly added automation action 'Remove Line Items' will allow Orderhive users to remove items from an order based on:

- Item Name
- Item SKU
- Item Rate
- Item Row Total
- Item Discount
- Item Tax

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| 13 Apr 2021
Orderhive users can now check if an order number starts or ends with specific text

This will help users identify orders based on the prefix/suffix text (generally created when an automation workflow creates an order.) For instance, the next created order number is OR123 and the automation condition is set as 'Order Number Starts with OR1' then the orders fulfilling this condition will be sorted.

Provision made to copy same warehouse in all shipment record in bulk shipment pop-up

It just got easier to copy the warehouse location in the bulk shipment records as you can now set the same warehouse for all the shipments being worked on. That's the lesser time needed and a lot more convenience.

Orderhive users can now view the reason behind returned shipment

After this update, you can now see the reason behind returning a shipment that wasn't possible earlier. This includes both default and custom reasons.

Taxation details will now be displayed in the invoice template

This enhancement will allow the users to view the summation of taxes for the invoice item. Thus, users can get a better understanding of the item's cost details.

Users can now view the inventory level of all warehouses instead of total inventory

With this update, you can now see if the chosen warehouse's inventory levels are Out of Stock, Low Stock, and Backordered in the Inventory Reports. Users will have to create the warehouse level thresholds and Orderhive will display the status reports accordingly.

1. Out-of-stock: If no warehouse filter is added, the total inventory of the product will be considered. If the warehouse filter is added, the inventory of that warehouse will be considered.
2. Low Stock: If no warehouse filter is added, then the global threshold will be considered. If the warehouse filter is added, then the warehouse-level threshold will be considered.
3. Backordered Inventory: If no warehouse filter is added, then the total inventory will be considered. If the warehouse filter is added, then only the inventory of that warehouse will be considered.

Users can now add preset values for creating orders

Earlier, the users needed to fill all values repeatedly inside the order module which made their work tiring. With the recent changes, they can now enter preset values and use them as default values while creating new orders. With the help of these presets, they can now create orders in upto 2 clicks.


| 7 Apr 2021
Orderhive users can now check if an order number starts or ends with specific text

This will help users identify orders based on the prefix/suffix text (generally created when an automation workflow creates an order.) For instance, the Next Created order number is OR123 and the automation condition is set as 'Order Number Starts with OR1' then the orders fulfilling this condition will be sorted.

Provision made to copy same warehouse in all shipment record in bulk shipment pop-up

It just got easier to copy the warehouse located in the bulk shipment records as you can now set the same warehouse for all the shipments being worked on. That's the lesser time needed and a lot more convenience.

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| 19 Mar 2021
Users can now use Azure's SSO role-based access on Orderhive

Orderhive users can now implement module-level roles to the sub-users created in Azure. When a user tries to log in using SSO in Orderhive for that sub-user role, they will have access to only those Orderhive modules.

Orderhive adds a new field for adding notes with each line item in the order for Quickbooks

With this enhancement, Orderhive users with QuickBooks integration can add descriptions for line items for managing their accounts easily.

Users can now sort inventory items using 'Stores' filter

Orderhive users can now generate store-wise inventory summary reports as Orderhive adds the new filter to improve user experience.

Users will now be prompted about the character limits for inputting customer address details

Prior to this enhancement, users weren't able to analyze if they were entering the characters as per display limits. Now, they will be prompted about the allowable character limit as mentioned below:

1. Address Line 1: 255 characters
2. Address Line2: 255 characters
3. City: 100 characters
4. State: 50 characters
5. Zipcode: 30 characters
6. Country: 50 characters

Users can now view cancelled status in stock transfer page

Orderhive has added an option to view canceled stock transfer records on the Stock Transfer Listing page.

New payment status filters added to sales reports

Orderhive has added payment status filters "Paid", "Not Paid", and "Partially Paid" for the following reports:

Sales by Country, Sales by Stores, Sales by Customer, Sales by Product, Sales by Category, Sales by Velocity, Sales by State, Order Summary

The reports will display the "Paid" filter by default for all reports mentioned above except Sales by Velocity and Order Summary report.

Users can now sort their data easily with AG grid implementation for multiple reports

Orderhive implements AG grid in the below-mentioned reports to provide a smoother user experience:

Purchase by Supplier
Purchase by Product
Product Average Purchase Price Report
Inventory Velocity Report
Outgoing Inventory Report
Inventory Last Purchase Price report
Out Of Stock Report


| 5 Mar 2021
Orderhive users can now do other tasks while exporting bulk work order PDFs.

Earlier, when the users print PDF for a bulk work order, the tab froze, and they weren't able to do other tasks. With this enhancement, the PDF will be opened in a new tab, and you can start working on other tasks inside your Orderhive dashboard right away. When the PDF is ready, you will receive a notification.

Orderhive users can now benefit from seamless syncing of FNSKU details from Amazon FBA store.

With this enhancement, the FNSKU (Fulfillment Network SKU) data from your Amazon FBA store will be synchronized on Orderhive.

Orderhive adds option to change number copies when printing barcode label for stock transfer.

This enhancement provides the option to print the Product Label for items of Transfer and manage the number of copies you want to print. These labels contain information that might be useful when shipping or receiving the transferred stock.

Orderhive users can now set the FBA warehouse quantity as zero for unavailable products.

Earlier, the FBA warehouse quantity was not editable in Orderhive. So when the user wanted to set the FBA warehouse quantity to 0. With this enhancement, the users can select the: “Adjust To Zero Stock For Inactive Products" option.

Orderhive adds two more keys in the drop shipment template.

We added two new keys in the Drop Shipment template, namely Supplier Price Item Row Total and Supplier price Item Grand Total. Their value will be calculated using the following formulas:

[Supplier price Item Row Total] = (Supplier Purchase Price * Qty Dropship) + Tax - Discount
[Supplier price Item Grand Total] = [Supplier price Item Row Total] + Calculation of Extra Line Item


| 23 Feb 2021
Now insurance values will be auto-generated in Orderhive.

We added new automation for our clients that enable them to buy insurance for the shipment. This automation action only works for UPS capital integration.

How the insured value is calculated: The insured value is calculated by using the sum total of the package items row/list excluding extra items. (Extra items such as shipping handling, tax, etc. is excluded).

Note: Action works only when a shipment is created. A tracking number is mandatory to use this feature.

Orderhive introduces a "Stock Adjustment" module in the warehouse management app.

The new module allows users to update the inventory. Users can also update the location, batch & cost of inventory and also add new ones. You can also search products using a barcode scanner, mobile phone camera, or typing.

Orderhive adds an option to download the product label for Stock Transfer.

This enhancement provides the option to print the Product Label for items to be transferred. These labels can contain information that might be useful when shipping or receiving the Transfer. It is useful for conducting an internal stock transfer.

Users can now use single sign-in for Orderhive and Microsoft Azure active directory.

In this recent enhancement, Orderhive has implemented a single sign-in for Orderhive users who also use Microsoft Azure.

Orderhive just added the facility to choose "Location" in the Shipping label template.

This enhancement gives users an option to select the location from where they want to ship the product. This is useful when you have more than one warehouse—the selected location is displayed in the Shipping label template.

Pricing tier length increased from 40 characters to 250 characters

Users can now add a pricing tier of upto 250 characters. Previously, the limit was 40 characters.

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