How to promote your B2B online store

In today’s dynamic retail landscape, overarching promotion tactics becomes very important for B2B business owners. Simply having a presence online will no doubt divert traffic to your store but may not live upto your expectations. So, in order to create a positive impact you need to promote your B2B online stores.

If you are one of them who is willing to take your B2B online stores a step ahead, read on!

Factors to consider and tricks to promote your B2B online store

1 – Content


Content marketing has proven to be a successful venture for B2B online stores. However, there are still many companies that have yet to jump on to the content marketing vogue to promote their B2B online stores. There may be multiple reason behind it, one is lack of knowledge to promote it. Below are some tricks to promote your B2B online stores with the power of your content.


a – Consider blogger’s site

Posting regular content (blogs, article, etc.) on your website will surely help you determine the visibility of your online stores through the density of keywords you use, but this may take months or even years to increase your business and product rankings. But, that doesn’t mean you discontinue this method. In addition, it is very effective to share your content on other blogger’s site that are relevant to your industry and audience. Such sites will offer you a platform that already has a large number of potential viewers which makes it to be an effective way to promote your B2B online stores. Sites like “2B Marketing “and “2B Insights” can be an ideal choice that you should consider.

b – Email your posts

Another great way to promote your B2B online stores, is to email your posts to potential clients. But, for this it becomes equally important that you track your website navigation behaviors. By doing this, you can target potential customers by emailing them your content. You cannot expect people to always view your blog, therefore it is more effective to get your content to them. “MailChimp” can be a best choice for your email marketing campaigns.

c – Press release

Offering your content through Press can be another effective source for promoting your B2B online stores. Many B2B owners overlook the importance of this because they feel there isn’t much newsworthy happening at the company. However, events like launch of new product/service, completion of projects, new partnership, etc. will help you create a good announcement that will spread a good word about your service.

d – Be present on social media sites

B2B marketing is moving online, hence it becomes important that you realize the potential of this source. The good reason for being present on social media sites, is that it offers unique opportunities to reach potential customers in a very cost-effective way. Social media sites like “LinkedIn,” “Twitter” and “Facebook” will help you reach clients of the same interest, whereas sites like Instagram, Youtube can be used to promote your business and offering through visuals and videos which will create a good impact on your business.

2 – SEO


If you think that SEO is primarily only for B2C companies, then you need to rethink your strategy and infuse SEO methods to promote to promote your B2B online stores. Incorporating SEO tactics will make it easy for online users to find your stores, website and content. However, tricks for B2B SEO is slight different from that of B2C.


a – Incorporate SEO basics

Above all, make sure you incorporate SEO basics – that includes load time for your site, accurate file names, mobile version, site navigations, titles to your pages/products and quality outbound links.

b – Infuse keywords and links in the “About Us” page

Around 80% of online users who land on your website will first like to know about your business. And, the “About Us” page is a good opportunity to give them an overview about your business. Ensure you populate it with meaningful content that will help searchers get information about your business and offerings. Also, it will be a wonderful opportunity to add links to specific page and services, directing users to the most important pages of your site. Using “Google’s Keyword planner” tool will help you get keywords that are relevant to user’s search.

c -Frequency and optimization for better results

Most important is to frequently update your website content page and blog page using keywords that will show up in the user’s search results. The more unique and relevant keywords in your content, the more search results your are likely to show up in.

d – Add quality inbound links to your website

Infusing inbound links to the website is the backbone of SEO. This is required since search engines consider them as a signal to relevance. So, ensure you add quality inbound links in relevant pages of your site to get better results in search engines.

3 – Social media


Social media sites are proving to the most used platform for B2B promotion. Using site like “Twitter,” “Facebook,” “LinkedIn,” “Instagram,” “YouTube” will help your grow and nurture your audience. This will allow you to target potential audience who regularly search for information that are similar to your interest. Hence, if you have not adopted social media to promote your B2B store, you need to act upon it now using the following tricks.


a – Enable social share buttons

Some of the leading social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn allow “share” button. Therefore, enabling social share buttons on your website will allow users to share your content, product images and video’s when they like it. This way you can divert traffic to your B2B online stores with no much effort and cost.

b – Offer promotional content to people who “like” and “share”

Once you create a social media business account, you’ll start getting likes and user will share your content in their networks. It becomes very important that you track those users as they are your loyal customers. It is wise to personally offer promotional content to people who like and share your content which will encourage them to spread a good word about your business and divert more loyal customers to your online store.

c – Regularly update your social media business accounts

People will like and share your content only if they are offered something unique and which makes sense. Having the same content on your site will not make a difference, hence regularly updating content for your social media accounts will help you divert more traffic as well as increase the likes and shares for your business.

d – Target loyal customers to increase chain

Diverting new customers to your store is not an easy task. Instead, targeting your loyal ones will help you increase the chain in a very effective way. Social media users lookup for business who offer meaningful content and service. And, if you live up to their expectation they become your loyal ones. Targeting your loyal customers will automatically increase the chain without much of your contribution.

4 – Mobile


More and more people are accessing online stores over their smartphones. Therefore, it is becomes crucial to understand the importance of this source. Making your website mobile friendly and having a mobile app for your business will allow mobile users to access your products/services on-the-go.


a – Promote your mobile app on your website

Users who have reached your website using their smartphone can be an important candidate to sign-up for your mobile app. So, make your mobile app advertising visible on your website which will allow an easy access to mobile app users. Offering promotional discount to download your mobile app will increase traffic drastically.

b – Feature them on appropriate app stores

Several leading app stores allow businesses to promote their app for increased visibility. So, it is a smart idea to feature your B2B mobile app on relevant app stores. Potential users frequently visit such app stores to get information, therefore having your app present in there is one of the effective way to promote your B2B online stores.

c – Include a link with every email you send to customers

Go a step further by adding your mobile app link with every email you send to your customers. Include a link to your mobile app in customer service emails, purchase confirmations – to increase its visibility allowing an easy access to customers to get information and make purchase on-the-go. This is great place to offer customers an incentive for making another purchase using your mobile app.

d – Display a link to your mobile app on your business cards

Another great source to increase visibility for your mobile app is to display a link of it on your business card. This will help you expand your reach and boost traffic for your online stores.

e – Make it visible on social media sites

Ensure you make your mobile app link present on social media sites that has your business account. Add this to your business’s key information.

5 – Traditional approach


Traditional marketing has always been and will continue to be a part of B2B. So, when you implement such kind of approach why not take an advantage to promote B2B online stores through it. Diverting customers using a traditional approach is time-taking to reap its benefit, but mentioning about your online stores will allow more and more people know that your business has an online presence too.


a – Advertise your online stores in events and shows

Being a B2B owner, you may organize events and shows – maybe for a launch of a new product, promotional activities or due to any other business reason. Ensure that you take an advantage by advertising your online stores in those events. This will attract new customers to visit your online store for more information.

b – Infuse details about links of your online store and mobile app on print ads

If you print ads or install flyers across the town to get more visibility for your B2B store, then make sure you infuse a link for your website and mobile app on them.

In closing

Explore these factors and tricks to promote your B2B online stores. Remember to plan content creation for maximum returns.

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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