Purchase Order Management

Purchase Order Management | Purchase Order Software

Orderhive's Purchase Order Software allows you to automate the process of purchase order tracking. Add your suppliers and send them purchase orders within minutes.

Smooth purchase management

With Orderhive, streamline your purchase workflow for better efficiency.

Manage suppliers

Add and manage unlimited suppliers with Orderhive’s purchase management software. Having an instant access to your supplier’s important information, you can take valuable steps to engage them, even better.

Create purchase orders

With our purchase management feature, you can create and email purchase orders to suppliers seamlessly. Accept partial stock from suppliers and update your inventory accordingly to improve cash flow

Accurate stock entries

Orderhive allows you to mass receive products against purchase orders. You can accept partial receipt of consignments and update inventory, ensuring you don’t miss out on important orders.

Track your expenses

Our purchase order software will let you track expenses in real-time. Know about payments made to suppliers with Orderhive’s descriptive reports and plan out your purchases easily to optimize resources.

Easy purchasing workflow

Use Orderhive to adopt a more streamlined purchase workflow. For all received goods, PO status will automatically change to “Full Received” and marked as “Complete” to avoid confusion between you and your suppliers.

Track purchase history

Every purchase transaction with your supplier’s will be recorded in Orderhive. With all your purchase information at one place, you can easily track records and take actions, eliminating the risks of errors.