Recent updates for Etsy sellers: What they need to know?

A marketplace known for offering an assortment of handmade products, vintage items, and many  other creative crafts, Etsy includes categories like clothing, jewelry, electronic, beauty products, kids & baby, home & living, and more. Estimating a user base of 54 million already registered, Etsy currently records with 1.4 million active sellers and 19.8 million buyers.

Etsy’s fastest growing revenue stream is attracting more and more talent from across the globe to sell their creativity in front of potential customers who are already interested and ready to purchase products on-the-go.

Apart from allowing sellers to sell, this marketplace frequently comes up with tools and information that can help them offer excellent experience to their customers.

Modern customers always cling to brands that help them make better decisions and ease purchasing process to save time and money, both.

Etsy is considered to be one of the most preferred marketplaces, because it believes in understanding seller’s requirements and then optimizing site that can help them increase efficiency.

In this blog, we will discuss on the latest updates that are helping Etsians to perform and grow successfully.

Here we go:

1- Sellers in US can now calculate the shipping fees

What can be better than having a tool that allows you to calculate accurate shipping charges on-the-go, instead of roughly estimating them?

Etsy allows sellers an access to “Calculated Shipping” tool that can be found in their “Shipping profile.” This tool helps them to set-up shipping methods, handling fees for different countries.

After adding the required details, Etsy automatically calculates the amount to ship products to your customers across the globe.

Calculating shipment costs for one order, or, even multiple orders- Etsy makes it easy for sellers to offer accurate shipping costs to customers, which is one of the crucial factors considered to boost their shopping experience.

2- New listing and auto- renewal management tool

Your listing practices on marketplaces will determine the growth of your store. Unable to maintain accurate product listings, will automatically hamper sales opportunities for your store.

Etsians are now relaxed, as the marketplace allows them an ability to manage and automate listing renewals, using the “Listings Manager” feature.  The listing management tool allows the following:

– Quick edit mode

– Edit multiple listing

– Insightful listing stats

– Mobile-friendly

Image 2

Etsy also allows auto-renewal for product listings, immediately on expiration. However, small sellers with fewer products in hand can also manually renew listings for products, at any time.

3- Translation

Sellers expanding their offerings to other countries, fear, they may not be able to understand and communicate with customers speaking foreign languages. Selling on Etsy, you don’t need to worry about such scenarios.

Etsy sellers have an access to an automatic translation tool that makes it quick to convert those foreign messages and reviews in a language they want.

Where can you find it?

After every each post and review, you find a globe icon offering a dropdown menu. On clicking it, you’ll find a list of languages that Etsy supports.

4- Etsy local program for sellers

Increasing opportunities to connect with the right audience, allows a seller to increase brand visibility.

Etsy Local” acts as a strong promotional tool for Etsy sellers, as it easily helps them connect with locals who participate in fair and events.

Etsians can easily create and join events- and make it easy for potential customers to find such events. This feature also ensures sellers don’t create duplicate events that can confuse customers.  If the event already exists, sellers can directly join it and adjust a start and end date for their event.

5- Etsy’s upgrade to their “Promoted Listings”

An ability to enhance customer’s shopping experience day-by-day, can help sellers gain a competitive advantage and grow successfully.

Etsy has added a new search term analytics to their Promoted Listings, which allows Etsians comprehensive stats to gain valuable insights into when their ads are being shown to shoppers. Also, it allows them an ability to manage console settings that includes adjusting of daily budget.

With the addition of this new search analytics functionality with Promoted Listing, sellers can gain access to the following insights:

This column report

Key words used by shoppers that show up your Promoted Listing

Why your promoted listing showed up here

Insights about what made your ad match the keyword entered by the shopper.

Performance In this column

Impressions about the related search term, whether among the Promoted Listing users, or any other.

6- The New Direct Payment with Integrated PayPal

Offering preferred and safe transactions to customers is very crucial for any selling business to improve sales flow.

With the new version of Direct Payment, Etsians are offered with a streamlined payment system. Apart from offering one of the most trusted payment methods PayPal, this version also makes it easy to manage funds received from buyers too.

All direct payment made on Etsy, are also covered by Etsy Sellers Protection.

7- Etsy Manufacturing

Coping up with manufacturing processes for your creative stuff can be time-taking and costly for sellers with no budget.

Etsy manufacturing,” a new marketplace by Etsy is helping all artisans tie up with relevant partners in no time. This is encouraging more and more startup and small business owners to improve production right from the initial stage and helps them grow, confidently.

Wrapping up

Most of the customers choose Etsy for selling their creativity, as it allows them a community feel that makes them more comfortable to run their business.

Are you an Etsian?


Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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