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We needed a software that could work as a master of stock, be able to sync stock across three sales channels, push orders to three different warehouses alongside - and most importantly - automate daily task workflows. Orderhive allowed us to achieve that with great precision. Not just that, it saved our team a great deal of time with highly fluid automation of daily repetitive and routine tasks.

Stefan Gehrig

Stefan Gehrig, Founder at King Kong Apparel

Sean Parle - Customer Testimonial


Orderhive was the only suitable order management system that I could find, that would provide an integration with Royal Mail (UK delivery service). Whilst this took some time to achieve (about 2 months), the integration works very well, enabling us to print off shipping labels without manually entering in the address. Orderhive also integrates with our online store, which allows the orders to be synced with ease. They listen to feedback and have great support. Orderhive have all the features necessary for our order management.

Sean Parle

Director, Digital Converters

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