Order Management Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and analytics

Do you land up making wrong decisions that affects the bottom line of your business? Orderhive’s impressive analytic capabilities leverages all your back-end data in real-time.

Handy powerful data metrics to measure business performance

Real-time analytics enable faster, more precise and more effective decisions.

Forecast inventory needs

With Orderhive, get a complete control of stock situations in real-time. Orderhive’s analytic feature makes it easy to analyze inventory and ensures products are always available as per customer’s demand.

Track order status

Keeping your customers in loop with their order status, can result to an excellent customer shopping experience. With all your sales orders at a glance, you can compare and identify the ones that are left to process.

Identify loyal customers

Orderhive helps you identify your best customers along with the sales channel, this indeed helps you to take proper initiative to improve engagement, shorten the sales cycle and plan promotional activities to keep them glued to your product.

Know your best-selling products

Know your best-selling products across all your channels and smartly make use of those products to boost sales. Offering customers with products they love, will help enhance customer service and revenue.

Get overview of shipping

Shipping a single or thousands of orders in a day, with Orderhive analytic gain insights of your fulfillment processes. Know the best shipping rates, turnaround time and other shipping details to increase efficiency.

Measure product performance

With your inventory at one place, track performance for each of your products from anywhere, anytime. Knowing the good and slow performing ones, quickly take measures to increase sales.