Benefits of Analytics & Reporting Software

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Reduce inventory risks

Know which products are performing and which are not, and plan for the future inventory accordingly. Never run at risk of missing a single sale due to over-stocking or under-stocking at any point in time.

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Make data-backed decisions

Get easy access to precise, up-to-date data on cost, inventory, sales, and profitability through easy-to-understand reports. Discover trends, identify weaknesses and strengths, and fill gaps with actionable reports.

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Avoid manual data errors

Automated reporting cycles ensure all stock is accounted for and there is decreased discrepancies with what is recorded and what actually is there. Grow profitably while eliminating wasted time and resources.

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Improve business cashflows

Improve inventory turnover with improved inventory movement. The higher the turnover rate, the less the time inventory stock sits on the shelf and more the cashflows with your valuable capital being used in the best way.

Features of Orderhive Analytics & Reporting Software

Make better, data-driven decisions and learn how to improve your business with Orderhive’s cross-channel e-commerce reporting. Generate reports with beautiful visuals and up-to-date data.

Inventory Reports

See how inventory moves through warehouse, sales, shipping, and purchases, with filtering options for easy & quick analysis.

  • Inventory audit
  • Inventory summary
  • Low-stock & out-of-stock
  • Backordered inventory
  • Inventory valuation by last purchase price
  • Inventory last purchase price
  • Inventory valuation by cost
  • Inventory by location, batch, and expiry
  • Cost of Goods Sold ( COGS )

Sales Reports

Know your best and worst performing products, variants, product categories, geographies, customers and sales channels.

  • Order summary
  • Sales by product
  • Sales by stores
  • Sales by customer
  • Sales by country, states & cities
  • Moving average
  • Unpaid orders

Purchase Reports

Know in-and-out of your purchases, and manage your cashflows and profitability with an insight to know where to focus next.

  • Purchase Summary
  • Purchase by product
  • Purchase by supplier
  • Product average purchase price
  • Product inventory threshold

Shipments, Customer, Invoice and Returns Reports

Get real-time analytical reports related to shipments, customer, invoice transactions and order returns, all in an easy-to-infer format.

  • Shipment summary
  • Shipping cost
  • Shipment by carriers
  • Top customer
  • Invoice summary
  • Unpaid invoice
  • Payment summary
  • Returns summary
  • Returns by products
  • Returns by customers
  • Returns by shipping city
Orderhive users report 2.5 times more efficiency in the order fulfillment process

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