Benefits of Returns Management Software

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Accelerate return processes

Reduces turnaround time with simplification and customization of returns processes; thanks to a centralized network of multi-channel return hubs. Receive your returns, inspect, categorize and report on the status of each.

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Reduce returns processing costs

Lets you analyze your returns processing costs including everything from logistics to liquidation. Use this information to determine the most efficient way to manage return issues – be it through replacement or refund.

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Maximize value recovery

Lets you plan disposition as soon you receive return order. Provide direction – whether the items to be made available for resale, disposed or returned to the manufacturer or supplier, to recover maximum possible value; ASAP.

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Keep customers satisfied

Enhances customer satisfaction; thanks to improved turnaround time. Simplification of customer return & refund processes through good integration of frontend & backend tasks makes up a satisfying e-commerce experience.

Features of Orderhive Returns Management Software

Faster Returns

Faster returns processing

Speed up the cash recovery cycle with faster and more efficient returns approval, pickup and transportation processes

  • Create, confirm or cancel returns
  • Assign desired return warehouse
  • Add returns pick-up date
  • Create and download a custom returns label
  • Add return reason
Customized Returns

Customized returns eligibility & rules

Customize your business rules to reduce the unhappy; define eligibility & logistics to streamline the returns chain

  • Adjust return order quantity
  • Opt for feasible refund/replacement option
  • Set preferred return policy
  • Customer-specific return processing
  • Serial no. based warranty check
Realtime Tracking

Real-time status tracking

Gain customers trust by keeping them informed about returns, pick-up and refund status updates with message/email automation

  • Send return updates via SMS or email
  • Sort returns by status and dates
  • Sync tracking with shipping partner
  • Automated notifications upon status change
  • Integration with e-commerce platforms

Returned products management

Sort returns as refurbished, resaleable or unsaleable items and accordingly disperse the products in the value chain in no time

  • Return items sorting & consolidation
  • Sync back to original inventory
  • Return to warehouse, vendor or dropshipper
  • Issue & manage replacements
  • Service parts management
Refund Management

Refund management

Identify whether to ship a replacement, ship upon return, return for check/repair or even issue a refund - for optimal results

  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) compliance
  • Automated refund processing
  • Workflow approvals for procedural compliance
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Accounting integration
Orderhive users report 2.5 times more efficiency in the order fulfillment process

Integrate everything that your business needs