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it is nice to use for ecommerce like ebay and amazon

Software is easy to use and save your time and few things need to improve that can make easy to use affordable for new start business and also it use similar like linkwork and great customer service provided by company as per your requirements.

Chodavadiya Rupeshkumar

Chodavadiya Rupeshkumar, Despatch at bakkavor


Fantastic experience & expectations met!

Easy integration with our online shop and the flexibility of bundling products together gives accurate inventory information. Orderhive meets all the needs of our business. The customer support is also amazing!


Chad Mykietiuk

Co-Founder, Wellness Media


Great customer support and great program

I have started to use Orderhive after trying several other programs and I have found Orderhive to be better. The picture of every product was made partly for my request and it extremely made this program helpful and easy to use for my business. The update of products and quantities is made within seconds and the program works flawlessly without errors. In addition, the support team does an amazing job willing to do for the customer way and beyond other support teams, I have dealt with. With this support team, it's much easier for me as a business owner to solve any problem if it occurs.

Chen (Hen) Levi

Chen (Hen) Levi, Internet Retailer


Easy to use, powerful tool for managing and selling inventory

We've had a very solid experience using Orderhive . One of the best things about this product, is the active development team. They are not standing still by any means - recently they updated the user interface, added insured shipments, and improved the overall flow. The active support team makes it easy to fix anything issues you might come into contact with. We tried a lot of different software - the simplicity and small learning curve made this one a winner.

Harrison Steed

Agricultural Traceback & Analytics, PickTrace


So far so good!

We are currently using Orderhive as an inventory management system for managing Bigcommerce and Amazon UK stores & it's working a treat. Super fast stock adjustments being pushed to the selling platforms within seconds. Where other platforms take up to 30 mins.

Lawrence Lindsey Dean,



Very functional app and the price is a steal!

Their customer service is absolutely top-notch. They're also always in the process of adding new features, improving the current ones, and integrating with as many platforms as possible.

Mandi Wong

Growth Marketing at Mandi Wong LLC


Very good inventory management software

We currently use this software with our Vend POS and working in various stages towards implementing a webstore for racket sports at and It has lacked some detail features, like showing inventory quantities in Orderhive B2B, but after I requested changes, they are very quick to fix it Nobody can construct a perfect system and charge so little money, so there are some unfinished parts. This is all fine as long as they are (and they are!) fixing them quickly when made aware of them. So now, we can verify, the B2B works, Vend POS integration works. From our small tests, WooCommerce works as well.

Very good inventory management software

Peter Urkedal,


A delight for e-store owners!

Orderhive has been a great boon to my online business with their seamless management systems of catalog management as well as order fulfillment! Any issues faced are swiftly tackled by their great team.

Anand Sankar

Head- Product design & Digital at Smytten


Great tool and outstanding support!

We switched from using Order Harmony because the support was non-existent. The support we've had with Orderhive from Day 1 has been outstanding and they have continued to support us through the setup process.

Andy Millward

Assistant Manager at Medico Beauty