How rich media ads can improve your marketing campaign performance?

Every online retail owner’s basic motto is to achieve maximum returns on investments. It is really annoying when you can’t effectively measure return on investment due to the complexities hampering the key performance indicator involved. Measuring return on investment and the value of an investment such as rich media ads, for instance, is daunting. Rich media ads is better than static displays ads when it comes to customer engagement or communicating a marketing message. So much so that a single KPI(key performance indicator)will only give you an idea of your marketing campaign performance.

marketing campaign performance

What is rich media Ad?

Rich media is the best creative tool in digital advertising. Rich media ads are defined as those with which users can interact as opposed to only animation, and they include such formats as transitional and various over-the-page units such as floating ads, page takeovers and tear-backs.

With rich media, you can interact with your full-marketing message without leaving the publishers website. It is a perfect lift in marketing campaign performance compared to standard banners, and a depth of barometer to know and optimize the consumer experience.Offering a creative tool, rich media ads helps you track and report every aspect of your campaign.

How rich media ads can improve your marketing campaign performance?

Exposed and unexposed audience can be re targeted through rich media ads which offers you more rich data about branding effects and subsequent purchases

Benefits: Increase ROI by optimizing, controlling, monitoring and improving your digital marketing campaign performance.

Reach to correct target audience

The unique and powerful combination of your leading consumer sample and real-time information about your rich media ad campaign audience gives you an access to critical feedback on the effectiveness of your online ad channels. Now you can measure the impact of channels such as online display ads, video, rich media, and social media platforms.

Maximize proper insight

Through rich media ads you can easily identify not just impressions but true impressions those actually in view on-screen. This vital information allows you to minimize waste and increase ROI.

Avoid waste of money for online ad impression

By understanding the real impact of your ad impression purchases, you can better assess the value of your online media ad campaigns. You have the data you need to assess advertisers pricing options before purchase.


If you reach 1000 visitors to a webpage and 100 of them engage with your rich media ads, then you have a rich media advertising reach. This is the most creative navigation metric. It can show you the direction of the performance, which in turn improves your marketing campaign performance. The higher the percentage the better return on investment.

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Savio Fernandes

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