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How to Scale Your Ecommerce Business

how to scale a business

E-commerce business is one of the most booming sectors of the economy at the moment. It is becoming increasingly easier for customers to make purchases from the comfort of their homes.

how to scale a business

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This is why a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs are aiming to build e-commerce businesses since they are fully aware of how big their businesses can be once they’ve figured out how to effectively start and scale e-commerce businesses.

However, setting up your own company is just the first of many steps to success. Even if your company shows remarkable growth from the get-go without any deliberate effort, you still need to put some work into scaling. Let us consider a few key points on how to scale a business:

Exceptional Customer Support-

The importance of customer service cannot be overemphasized. It is the lifeblood of your business and should be given the attention it deserves. A good customer support policy should be keen on keeping your clients happy at all times. This is especially critical when a customer lodges a complaint.

Research shows that customers are usually more dissatisfied with poor handling of their complaints than the actual complaint. Complaining customers should be given more than the usual attention so as to avoid the possibility of a negative review online. Keep in mind that with e-commerce, your online reputation could make or break your brand.

Remember to retain the personal touch in your customer service provision. It might seem a lot easier to automate all business processes, especially as you scale. But take care not to make your clients feel like dollar signs. Let them know that they are valued using that human touch in customer support to the greatest extent possible.


how to scale a business

All businesses need marketing in order to grow and the e-commerce model is no exception. Good marketing campaigns will keep your brand at the top of your customers’ mind and ensure you never become irrelevant.

This is especially important in this rapidly expanding space where there are new businesses being launched every day offering equal convenience and similar products. Marketing campaigns are a great way to sustain momentum and ensure high conversion rates.

Remember that selling on the web requires a remarkable digital presence. This calls for extensive investment in SEO and other strategies that bring visitors to your site. But you should by no means stop at that. Visitors to your website are potential buyers and you need to make sure they actually end up purchasing.

Give them an incentive to purchase. This could be in the form of discounts, bundle offers or special offers.

There are high numbers of potential buyers who abandon their carts before completing a purchase. Some might have been distracted and ended up forgetting about their purchase while others might have given way to doubt for one reason or another.

Whatever the case is, these are among the most likely people to benefit from email follow-ups. Remind them to come back to the site and complete their purchase. In the process, you might get a chance to quell their doubts and turn them into loyal customers.

Use of Third Party Services-

Many e-commerce business owners do not know where to draw the line when it comes to allocating duties. When you have to pick up your own orders, pack and ship them to customers, mistakes are bound to happen.

When you assign third parties to handle the aspects of your business that do not necessarily require your personal attention, you might become more effective. You will be able to focus better on the business side of things and give more attention to growth.

3rd party fulfillment centers are an example of a service that could save you lots of time and possibly even money. They handle the shipping of products for small and medium-sized e-commerce business operators for a small fee. It involves getting your inventory shipped to their warehouse and forwarding orders to them. This gives you access to proper storage facilities and allows you to take advantage of their expertise in packing and shipping.

Pay Attention to your Website-

Regardless of whether your e-commerce business runs on your own website or on other popular sites, you should always pay attention to your site. Remember that making online purchases comes with its own set of risks for clients. They will in most cases want to check you out before making payment for goods.

The first impression they get of your business will be the first point of contact and will either build or break your brand. There are so many alternative online stores so you cannot afford to screw up.



There are numerous automation programs in the market that could help simplify your business processes and project a better image of your brand. Email automation services will, for instance, allow you to set up a chain of marketing campaign messages to visitors who sign up to your site. It could also ensure that your loyal customers get a personalized message on special occasions.

Other automated services provide feedback, re-pricing, inventory management and other important processes. The main idea is to reduce the hours you spend doing these tasks and allocating more time for business development.

Scale your Business with Orderhive-

The above steps on how to scale a business will certainly have a significant impact on the growth of your e-commerce business. But with this growth comes a whole new set of challenges. You will now have a lot more orders to fulfill and greater complexity in managing your online store.

This is where Orderhive comes into the equation. We provide an innovative management tool to automate complex business activities and allow for smooth growth. We handle everything from inventory management and order fulfillment to shipping and analytics to among other services.

If you happen to be running multiple selling channels on different platforms, we can help you to sync your records and avoid embarrassing situations. We also offer Point of Sale and accounting solutions to help you keep good records with ease.

Our services offer great customer satisfaction, effective business management options and more importantly, allow you to focus on scaling your e-commerce business to greater heights.

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