Top 5 shipping boxes utilized in e-commerce

The whole e-commerce industry is running rapidly, and it has become a vital task to stay up-to-date with the escalating trends. Many e-commerce companies understand the importance of shipping boxes for their business. The usage of shipping boxes is limited to the local market, but it also goes through international distribution boundaries. All these shipping boxes are handy for offering full assurance that all products are safe when shipping across nations. The boxes are waterproof and can be saved for a long time. The broad influence of the internet and the booming customer base headed the creation of a whole new industry that is e-commerce. By looking at the increasing competition amongst e-commerce companies, online retailers are looking for

innovative solutions to drive market share and improve customer satisfaction.

Types of shipping boxes used in e-commerce

  • Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes


The material of corrugated boxes is durable and very strong, which is why they are widely used in the e-commerce industry. The outer box of brown color is also known as a carton that helps keep the products safe during shipping or transportation. When it’s about small-sized goods, corrugated boxes must be customized to match the product size and ensure safe and secure transportation. The corrugated boxes are produced in bulk, and that’s why it is not a good option for small-scale product manufacturers. Corrugated boxes are capable of doing more than one might realize. All these prefabricated boxes come in many different types like they might be sturdy or can resist moderate to heavyweight, can offer to cushion because it has flat linerboards encasing. The shipping boxes are made from corrugated cardboard or paperboard. The corrugated box comes in a rectangle shape and sizes that vary from small to large. Before buying corrugated shipping boxes, you must research the real material used for making the box. These boxes are also called brown boxes and are eco-friendly because they can get recycled without any effort for future usage. Shipping management will become easy after making the right choice of shipping boxes.

  • Courier Bags

Courier Bags


If you are an e-commerce retailer, then plastic courier bags are the best, convenient and cost-effective option. Its durability and versatility of plastic permit for various customization options. You can also manufacture plastic bags via a wide range of features such as the permanent peel and a seal flap for secure mailing or clearing jacket for inserting airway bills. You can easily place the order using a plastic bag manufacturer. Buying a plastic bag-making machine is an excellent idea as it can turn out to be an affordable option, especially if you are a big e-commerce retailer. Packing and shipping are part of your daily activities, and you will always require courier bags. It is good to make an investment and buy a plastic bag-making machine.

  • Regular Slotted Boxes

Regular Slotted Boxes


The regular slotted containers come with the right shipping boxes designed to keep strength and durability in mind. These are the most common types of packages that are used for shipping applications. The regular slotted boxes’ design consists of the same length, and two outer flaps for the packaging are one-half of the container’s width so that the flats will meet at the box center. There are so many sizes in these regular slotted boxes. If you are transporting goods for electronics supplies, food & beverage, retail items, or books, this is an affordable and suitable option. Suppose you want an extra protection layer while the goods transition; in that case, you can put a pad in between the box’s two inner flaps. Usually, regular slotted boxes are designed to provide single-wall protection, and the packages are available in double-wall or triple wall protection.

  • Full Overlap Boxes

Full Overlap Boxes


Full overlap boxes are such a shipping box that features flaps that consist of the same length for covering the box’s opening. The flap’s design offers extra strength for the shipping container. But its outer flap will overlap each other when the package is closed. This type of box style consists of extra thickness for protecting goods and offers extra cushioning at the bottom surface. Also, you can print beautiful images or even attractive designs on the box. A full overlap box is utilized for shipping fragile items and bulky items and is the best choice for longer shipping trips. Full overlap boxes are utilized for places where it is crucial to keep the box contents safe and secure, such as bulky items, fragile items, longer or arduous shipping trips.

  • Chipboard Boxes

Chipboard Boxes


The Indian e-commerce industry is at an all-time high; we all know that there will be a massive demand for such reliable and eco-friendly packaging in the coming years. Being a business owner, you might be re-evaluating your plan for ensuring that you have selected the correct shipping boxes considering your budget. The chipboard shipping box is an affordable solution for e-commerce businesses and the best choice for delivering food packaging, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, gifts, and shelf storage. As compared to corrugated boxes, chipboard boxes are a low-cost, eco-friendly, and reliable option. You can recycle these boxes and use them again. Chipboard shipping boxes are thinner and because of their lightweight design, shipping a chipboard box is more user-friendly. Chipboard refers to a white-lined paperboard that is made from reclaimed paper stock.


When you search for shipping boxes, first, you need to research online and then place your order. Some websites have images of the shipping boxes with specifications mentioned and built quality. You can look for more options, select your preferred one and then place your order in less time. Finding the right kind of shipping box for your e-commerce business also depends on your set budget and preferences considering your business type. Above-defined 5 shipping boxes are  commonly used in e-commerce business. By reading the above five shipping boxes’ description, you can make a better decision to choose the one that will satisfy your e-commerce business needs.



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