A Detailed Guide On Shipping Large Items

If you’re wondering about how to ship large items and the entire process of how it is performed. Then, don’t stress out too much! We are here to guide you through the whole process of shipping large items in a much simpler manner. 

Let’s begin with some basic knowledge like what is shipping and its modes – 

Shipping is the moving of goods from one place to another, for example, moving merchandise from the warehouse to the consumer. In the shipping process, it follows a proper manufacture and goods packaging work which is controlled by the logistics or the shipping management company. Shipping offers cost-effective transportation which is important for the economy of our growing countries.

Types of shipping modes -

  1. Air shipping 
  2. Land shipping 
  3. Ocean shipping 
  4. Rail shipping

Some wonderful shipping facts -

  • In 1907, the first-ever major carrier was UPS
  • 66% of customers keep the track of speed and timely efficiency of shipping 
  • More than 80% of people have subscribed to Amazon Prime
  • The average annual shipping rate elevates
  • 65% of all the commercial packages get delivered by FedEx and UPS

Before we dive into the article, it is important to understand what is a heavy shipment, which items in the shipments are considered as large, and what is considered oversized?

Which type of shipments are considered heavy?

Any type of product that weighs above 23 kg comes in the list of heavy shipments as per the official regulators. The shipment of heavy items can vary depending on which region it will be shipped. It is not always necessary to ship all such items on pallets.

Which type of shipments are considered large?

There is not any special kind of classification for large shipments. Any item that ships on a pallet comes in the category of large shipments. 

For express services – 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.5 m and for domestic economy services – 2.4 x 1.2 x 1.5 m.

Which types of shipments are considered oversized?

Any single product that weighs around or more than 500 kg or they are very large to get palletized will always need a perfect solution that is designed by experts like …industrial equipment or tail-lifted goods. 

Considering the weight of your products, you can make a final decision that your product comes on the list of large shipments or not. 

Today, the market of shipping has become so unpredictable that people are confused to make a final decision on shipping transportation. There may be the hurdle of shipping prices that may create confusion for shipping large items. There are many different types of shipping ways that you can pick as per the size of your shipment.

What are the different ways to ship large items?

No need to worry about the costing of heavy products! It’s a myth that large items will require a huge amount of money for shipping. It all depends on the size and capacity of the large shipments, how much money it will require, and through what ways it will get delivered to the destination.

You can ship your large items using some of the best courier services -

  • DHL 
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • FedEx and the list is long … 

At times it happens that with huge products, huge problems also arrive. You just have to analyze all the aspects of your shipment and then jump to a final conclusion.

Factors that are important to consider while shipping large items

  • Analyze the density of your shipment

By analyzing the density of your shipment, you will be sure that there will be less damages to the items. The more your shipment is dense, the less is the possibility of damages during the transportation. The possibility of damage is more prone to fragile or loose items and are more expensive for transporting. 

  • Focus on the weight of your shipment

Weight plays a major role here in the shipping of large items. It is important to provide accurate weight information of your shipment to avoid unnecessary extra charges.

  • The dimension of your shipment

The dimension of the ship is an important factor to focus on. It helps to find out the area that your shipment will need in the trailer. By focusing on the stack, you will be able to lower down the price of your shipment.

  • The final destination of your shipment

The final shipping price depends on the overall mileage of your shipment. The distance of your shipment decides the overall pricing as the longest route will charge more money as compared to small routes. Sometimes the location is near but it is difficult to reach the destination. In such cases, it again cost more for the shipment.

Useful tips for shipping large items -

  • Always opt for packing your items in the constructed boxes using stapled and stitched seams and avoid using glued seams. 
  • Avoid using old boxes and make use of fresh boxes to make sure that they can carry enough weight. 
  • Sealed the boxes via heavy-duty tapes, go for forcing the tap by applying it many times and target the seam.
  • Double pack the box so that the already packed box will get into the larger box having enough cushioning.
  • Some items are meant to be shipped on a proper pallet with full security. 
  • Don’t forget to wrap and cushion your products so that they will get carried without getting disturbed.

Now, let’s discuss the top benefits of shipping large items

  • Improves flexibility and increases efficiency

Different kinds of shipment services offer different sizes of shipping methods. This is performed well so that the item easily gets delivered when they opt for fitting the capabilities of the carrier. You need to choose such kind of service that you are getting like in terms of flexibility and efficiency.

  • Streamlined services

Sometimes it happens that you may need some things that are urgent to you and there might be a little delay in the delivery of the products. It may happen that some products have arrived and some are still on the way. To avoid such inconsistency, you must consult with some expert shipping company. With the best assistance, you will get streamlined shipping services on time and without any disturbances.

  • Maintain the reputation of your company 

The successful and timely delivery of your products is important to keep your customers happy and satisfied. Working with a professional and well-reputed company will manage your freight shipments properly. This will raise the bar of your company in front of your customers. 

  • Global network

Not all shipping companies operate globally, only some of them are involved in this. Transferring goods from one place to another is an easy task but only if managed under expert supervision. You can expect a shorter time in your delivery to reach the destination without any damages. Nationwide shipping can benefit you in all the ways.

Wrap Up

Shipping is a cumbersome task and especially it becomes complex in the case of shipping large items. You should first understand all the aspects that are involved in the shipping process. After then moved to manage the whole shipping large items process in a hassle-free manner. We had tried to portray everything which is related to shipping large items in this blog. Hope you will find it beneficial!



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