Shopify order & inventory management in Orderhive

Now that you have created multiple Shopify storefronts receiving hundreds and thousands of orders, and your business is starting to grow, you realize how important it becomes to efficiently manage those orders.

This is where Orderhive can help. Orderhive, a multi-channel software solution helps Shopify retailers to integrate inventory, orders, customers from all their storefronts into a single integrated system. This way you eliminate the hassle of manually updating each of your storefronts individually, which in turn reduces errors, saves time and money, providing a complete business solution to any sized business owners.

How does Orderhive work for multi-channel retailers?

Cloud-based order and inventory management system solution that integrates with Shopify eComm platform

Orderhive, a cloud-based order and inventory management system solution help retailers to better handle inventory levels, reducing out-of-stock and over-stock scenarios. Shopify is an eComm platform that helps individuals to create multiple storefronts, exploring new selling opportunities that helps them increase revenue, only if done effeciently. Orderhive consistently updates inventory levels in your Shopify store as and when an order comes in. Orderhive also pulls orders from Shopify stores as they arrive, this way you can manage and process multiple orders at a time from a single integrated screen.

Shopify inventory management

Managing inventory has always been a biggest challenge to retailers and knowing this, our experts have designed Orderhive to enhance inventory management for eComm retailers. With Orderhive’s Shopify inventory management, you can easily keep a track on your inventory levels anytime from any source that has an access to the Internet. This way you can make better sourcing and selling decisions. Consider Orderhive as an extension between your warehouse and your online Shopify store.

Quantity syncing with Shopify inventory management

As an when you make a quantity change in Orderhive, it auto-updates on you Shopify store to prevent inventory challenges. Orderhive’s Shopify inventory management is one of the most helpful feature, as inventory challenges like out-of-stock and even over-stock can be  harmful to the bottom line of your eComm business, in turn leads to unsatisfied customers, negative feedbacks over social networking sites, lower ranking and lost sales – just to name a few. Also, when an order is placed in your Shopify store, Orderhive categorizes the associated quantity and once that particular inventory is sent out for shipment, it auto-updates inventory quantity to your Shopify store and any other channels you have that we integrate with, such as BigCommerce, Amazon, etc.

Order syncing and statuses

Whether you are solely selling on Shopify store or not (meaning, along with Shopify you sell on eBay, Amazon, etc.), Orderhive helps you connect with the best and renowned carriers like FedEx and Aftership, and use the shipping integration to grab your orders and ship them in minutes instead of hours. This way you save a lot of time and money as we find that shipping software acts as a complete hub for sales coming from every marketplaces you sell on.

Therefore, if you want Orderhive to fulfill your Shopify store order, all you mark the status as “Shipped” in Orderhive and Orderhive will be updated the status as “Fulfilled” in your store. Orderhive will only update the fulfillment status and not the financial status.

There are two order statuses in your Shopify store. So, for payment status marked as “Fulfilled” in your Shopify store the order status will be synced as “Not confirmed” in Orderhive and for payment status that is “Not Fulfilled” in your Shopify store the order status will synced as “Shipped” in Orderhive.

This way you will not only streamline your order processing but also enhance customer satisfaction.

Benefits of this integration:

Centralized system for Shopify store and other channels

Easily sync and manage all your orders, inventory, customers and other sales channels in a centralized cloud-based system allowing powerful key insights. Orderhive is complete business solution no matter where you sell- Shopify and other ecomm platforms like Amazon, eBay and many more.

Increase sales efficiency, boost productivity and get well-organized like never before!

Multi-warehouse inventory solution

Each of Shopify storefronts integrated with Orderhive can be linked with multiple warehouses in Orderhive for synchronizing inventory levels. Also, product of the same order can be shipped from different warehouses.

Orderhive’s real-time analytics reduces costly errors

With accurate insights of all your back-end operation, you reduce costly errors that arises while manually updating inventory and managing orders individually across your Shopify storefronts and other channel (if any).

Getting started:

Orderhive is completely integrated with Shopify, hence it offers a rich set of features that will continue to work as you grow your Shopify store. With no installation, you can easily integrate your Shopify store in minutes.

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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