How to shop in 2021 – Things to consider!

2020 was a disaster for all of us as Covid-19 hit the whole world, and every industry got affected by its severe effect. The e-commerce industry – whether it’s shipping management, warehouse management, inventory management, or order management, everything has experienced a boom in the current situation and all its aspects have dynamically improvised than earlier. Now moving towards 2021, everyone hopes to face a covid-free year ahead with all the prosperity, happiness, and success across the world.

Talking about how people will shop in 2021, then it will all be changed. To meet customer expectations, retailers are adopting new ways of online shopping, delivery options, touchless and frictionless payment systems, and more. It is encouraging digital transformation that will leverage both customers’ needs and the retailer’s business. By 2022, e-retail revenues will grow to $6.54 trillion, up from $3.53 trillion in 2019.

“The e-commerce market is booming, and it has been expected that around 78% of people will continue buying online in 2021.”

As the ecommerce market booms, 78% of us expect to buy online more frequently next year, with 55% of us now buying products online that we’d only ever previously bought in store.

Online Buying Graph


We have covered a list of points about how people will shop in 2021, and by adopting those ways, you can grow your business tremendously.

Let’s have a quick look at innovative ways to shop in 2021!

  • Social commerce will boom more

Social commerce will boom more


By seeing the current Covid-19 pandemic, the surge in online shopping will stay in 2021 with brick and mortar stores’ closure. As per a recent study in 2020, almost 40% of customers were shopping from online stores rather than buying it from stores. Social media platforms offer customers a more native shopping experience. Social commerce provides shoppers a more seamless shopping experience. There remains no need to click through a third-party website as users can buy things from the social media app itself.

  • Americans will continue to shop from local stores

Americans will continue to shop from local stores


Over 70% of Americans will focus on local shopping. This is indeed good news for leading street stores! Customers’ buying habits will change because many people are working from home because of Covid-19 outbreak across the globe. This will provide a massive boost to local shoppers across the country. 

  • A new-fangled influencer marketing approach

A new-fangled influencer marketing approach


In 2020, a significant shift was seen in the way how brands and influencers were working together. Influencer marketing is utilized for all about carefully-constructed captions, selfies, and heavily-edited product shots. The change in influencer content will change in 2021 as it has transitioned to a raw and real aesthetic. Brands will partner with influencers to create and share content on Instagram Reels, Instagram Live, and IGTV to build and foster digital communities. Audiences will show full trust in brands that present authentic voices, and today’s smart users can see the ad from a longer distance. It is the right time to focus on influencer content that prioritizes entertainment, viewer experience, and education.

  • Malls will be left empty 

Malls will be left empty


Covid-19 Outbreak spreads worldwide, and there is a lot of uncertainty among people regarding physical shopping. This is why online shopping will continue to increase as people do not step outside, fearing CoronaVirus. Malls will be seen empty, with no people doing physical shopping.

  • More and more AR-powered shopping experiences will grow 

More and more AR-powered shopping experiences will grow


AR (Augmented Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and Machine Learning will stay with us for a more extended period of time. Most of the shoppers rely on online shopping because of the Covid-19 Outbreak, and retailers are benefiting from the AR technology by bridging the gap between digital and physical shopping. Augmented Reality is encouraging people to face incredible online shopping experiences, just like physical shopping. Shopify has launched Shopify AR, a simple toolkit that belongs to businesses for building their own AR experiences to showcase products to customers.

Online shopping statistics that you must know

  • 60% of people are using chatbots for finding answers in the last 12 months
  • A chatbot is considered the best support channel by people 
  • Chatbot takes around a few seconds for giving an answer
  • It has been estimated that 80% of businesses have implemented chatbot on their website by 2020
  • 20% of searches on Google are made using the voice assistant
  • The number of searches via voice assistants is going to rise around 50% in the coming years
  • Smart speakers are going to hit approximately 21.4 million in 2021

Online shopping statistics



There is no doubt in saying that technology is transforming everything day by day. Any pandemic can affect the world economy but can not stop us from surviving. Both business owners and customers fight every day to stay upfront and get profits from it. The way people are going to perform shopping will change in 2021, and we have tried to portray some of the ways in the blog. I hope it will provide an idea to deal with the current and the coming unexpected situation that we all are coping with for a year.



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