Software Advice ranks Orderhive a front runner yet again!

It is the first quarter of 2018 and Orderhive is already making news. We have been featured as front-runners in the “inventory management ” category yet again by Software Advice for the month of March 2018.

Similar to the September 2017, this report also features 4 categories which are depicted by respective quadrants. These are – Leaders, Masters, Pacesetters, and Contenders.

front runner inventory management march 2018

As compared to the report published in September 2017, Orderhive has got a little nudge on the x-axis, denoting an overall increase in value score.

You can access the detailed report here.

What do these 4 quadrants of the front-runners report mean anyway?

software advice inventory management front runner march 2018

Our Focus

We have worked a lot on building a stable product since the beginning. Last year, our team has been focused on increasing the stability and reliability of the application, and the current placement of Orderhive on the quadrant reflects that.

In fact, we expect to go higher on the x-axis and aspire to appear near the “masters” quadrant by the next year or so. We have come quite far with respect to building a stable inventory management software and our next goal is to streamline on specific features that cover a predefined subset of the market share.

In other words, Orderhive is going to lay its focus on segmentation and as a result of which certain features will get better while others may be flushed out.

Along with building specialized features, Orderhive is also going to keep increasing its team size for Orderhive Enterprise. Note that Orderhive Plus is a customized version of Orderhive that’s built according to the unique needs that standard inventory software do not usually offer.

Arup Dey

Arup Dey

Arup works as Content Marketing Manager for Orderhive. Apart from running Orderhive's digital strategy, Arup likes to write deep and incisive articles on topics across a wide spectrum.

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