Digital Marketing Strategies to skyrocket your eCommerce Christmas Sales

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy eCommerce Christmas Sales! Christmas holidays are just around the corner and there are so many things to do! Not to forget, boost sales, and reach out to as many customers as possible. As the holidays are coming closer, customers are set to raid a few stores, go crazy shopping, raid the eCommerce Christmas Sales, and buy gifts for loved ones. This is when the shoppers work on their digital marketing strategies and promote their stocks, discounts, and offers, in short, to boost their sales and maximize profits.

To ensure the festive season goes smoothly for online shoppers, let us look into the digital marketing strategy and a few of the tricks to skyrocket your eCommerce Christmas Sales.

Know Your Target Audience

One of the foremost requirements of an effective digital marketing strategy is the target audience. You may be a toy store or jewelry store; the target audience varies depending on your product. Make sure you know your audience and target the right product to them. You cannot sell jewelry to young kids; they won’t be interested. So, you need to know who you want to target.

For eg.: Gift your little ones the best baby toys in our exclusive eCommerce Christmas Sales.


Use Festive Keywords

Make sure your target audience can reach you. But how will they get to you? Through keywords. Add your product or store’s keywords in a manner that is searchable in search engines. When you use the right keywords, it covers more grounds giving you more opportunities to sell your product. Use the right and popular keywords for the digital marketing strategy to work and not go for ‘keyword stuffing’. 

For eg.: Buy the best baby toys this Christmas to gift your loved ones. Get 10% off using code eCommerce Christmas Sales.


Exciting and Appealing Content

‘Avail this Offer before it Goes Away’. ‘Only 2 Items left in Stock’. Such lines do catch your attention, right.!? And that is why you need to re-edit your content, either on a webpage, social media page, or your products. Prepare your content in favor of the festival. Make it exciting, intriguing, and appealing to read. You can also release the ‘Top Christmas Shopping Guide’ to attract more customers to your page. And edit your product’s tagline to ‘DIY Christmas Tree Decoration’ or ‘Christmas Gift Box’.

The key is to make the content catchy and feature the festive season. Also, did you know Content is a huge part of a successful digital marketing strategy?


Prepare a Digital Marketing Campaign

Set your budget and choose the right channels to advertise your keywords. Be prepared for the holiday sales well in advance. Start advertising at least a few weeks before the big day, so you are all set for the coming festive season. Also, being ready a few weeks before the eCommerce Christmas Sales will help you know which keyword is working best for you and which are not doing well.


Show your presence through Social Media Marketing

Take your promotion to the next level by capturing social media attention. Engage with your existing customers as well as potential customers and involve them by sprouting conversations. Identify your social media platforms and strategize yourself to create more views, attract customers, and increase sales. But don’t forget to bring out the festive joy as that is the entire reason for this promotion. Make sure to nail your digital marketing strategy and start by creating or updating your profile, edit company details, add new images, add cover images and banner images, and put the spotlight on the irresistible offers or discounts. Next, regularly observe the customer trend, compile the data, and analyze the information for better sales results.

For eg.: ‘Buy Now’ button or ‘Avail Offer’ button or ‘Shop Now’ button. You can also start a contest saying ‘Click a picture with our product, share your experience, mention ‘eCommerce Christmas Sales at My.Store’ and top 10 pictures will get free gifts!’


Don’t forget to send eMails

Every leading company works on sending emails to engage with their customers. Emails are a great way to communicate with your customers and encourage them to take action. It also educates them about the latest events, offers, discounts, and loyalty programs or specific credit card offers. Through Email Marketing, you can also beautify the message by adding unique themes and designs. This, too, is a great way to boost sales and reach each and every customer by personalized messages.

For eg.: Hey Mark, I heard you were looking for Christmas gifts. Check out our latest offers and avail great deals on them.

You can also track the customer’s previous search history or shopping history and add a few of those products in the email for better personalization. 

For eg.: Hey Mark, I saw you searched for Christmas socks. We added more! So check out our new stock and avail this exciting offer before the eCommerce Christmas Sales ends.


Monitor the Shopping Cart and Minimize Cart Withdrawal

Many times a customer reaches the cart and then leaves it halfway. So, you have grabbed a customer’s attention and they are all set to shop from your store, but something still keeps them from buying the product. This is also something to work on. It may come as a surprise, but cart abandonment rate statistics prove each year, there is an increase in the cart abandonment rate.


In 2019, the shopping experience on Black Friday showed an average cart abandonment rate of 77.79%. 


In 2019, the USA saw an average of 60.78% in the Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate.


Yes, this is a serious problem! Many shop owners do not work on shopping carts or pool the customers back in to finish the sales. But this is important. Another effective digital marketing strategy is to check and analyze your data regularly; offer special discounts and offers on the products kept in the cart to close the deal.

For eg.: Hey, I noticed that you had not completed your purchase. This is a hot-selling item and only two products are left in stock. Hurry Up and be the proud owner of this product. Also, adding a little offer just for you to cherish this festive season.

Make sure your shopping cart experience is quick and easy, transparent, and offers various payment options. If possible, add free shipping and allow guest (without sign in) purchases as well.


Push Notifications

Another great way to reach your customers is through mobile notifications. You might have seen notifications on your mobiles from many leading brands, sending exciting deals, or even trying to visit their page. These notifications are truly in trend these days and are a simple yet effective method of closing a deal. Everyone has a mobile these days, so all you have to do is reach them on their devices! 

For eg.: Hey Mark, you are missing out on our big eCommerce Christmas Sales. Check out our latest deals.

One such example is the latest push notifications of Zomato that are winning hearts all over the world. They are funny, witty, and interesting to read.


Fast Read: Things to Remember before Festivals


Check your Inventory. Stock up well in advance. Keep festival-inclined products.



If you have a website, change the website theme and content according to the festival.


Customer Reviews

Work on customer reviews. Most customers check reviews before shopping. Stay in good books.!


Customer Experience

Offer quick responses and immediate feedback. Make sure you provide a smooth and quality-driven experience.


eCommerce Christmas Sales can boost your business profile and it is a chance to earn higher profits. Make sure your inventory levels are high and you work on your digital marketing strategy to bring up the sales. Most companies also invest in an inventory management system to benefit from eCommerce automation during holiday seasons as they have one less thing to worry about and can focus on business growth. Make sure you, too, have worked on your digital marketing strategy well before the holiday season and keep your stocks in check.


Ankita Bora

Ankita Bora

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