Tackle apprehensions of Mobile Shoppers: Top 10 Tips

Today smartphones are well equipped to meet shopping needs in many ways. Many people have been seen using their smartphones as a replacement for desktops or laptops, to shop. And as more people move away from the desktop onto mobile-optimized websites to shop for products and services, the demand of making an eCommerce site mobile friendly is becoming intense.


Smartphones indeed revolutionized the shopping experience for consumers and many online retailers tend to lose a number of potential customers daily by not offering efficient service to mobile shoppers. In order to hold back those potential customers who prefer to shop and make purchases through mobile device, here are some tips to help you tackle apprehensions of mobile shoppers.

Make site user-friendly

It is always recommended that your mobile site is automatically displayed to the user, by which the user can start browsing your site. Since electronics are not always dependable, it is important for your to point the user back to help completing the transaction if there is an error. Most website request for an email address to complete a purchase, hence through the email address you can follow up in case of an error. This way you will provide them with the best shopping experience on your site.

Easy navigation to help them proceed further

Avoid asking them provide too much of information before they can shop or add items to the shopping cart. Some sites are making users create an account in order to shop further. This may create a huge loss of many customers, as no shopper will prefer to provide more details before adding a product to the cart, you want to minimize this interruptions as you can always ask for more information during the transaction.

Ensure users of their security

Mobile shopping is still new to many people, hence they are nervous to submit sensitive information from their phone. Therefore, you need to ensure that you display the site’s clickable security certificate that will bring a trust to mobile shoppers.

Optimize your website for various mobile shoppers

Another way to tackle apprehension of mobile shoppers is to provide a theme that is mobile-friendly. Website developing experts understand the need of making a website mobile friendly and through that you can find numerous ecommerce theme that can easily adapt to the platform (tablets, PDS or smartphones) being used by your viewer. This is an effortless method to make your website more optimized for mobile shoppers.

Position a search option on the top

Many online shoppers are more apt to be shopping a specific thing, so they expect to see a bigger ratio of searching browser. Make sure the search box is in a prominent location and is labeled with the word “Search”.

Display proper product images

Product images should be appropriate and proportionately larger than any other graphic. Avoid colorful backgrounds, which in turn will allows the mobile shopper to easily identify the product.

Easily navigation to the cart

You should allows an easy navigation to the cart, so when a shopper places an item in the cart, your site should load a simplified cart page. The cart page can include-product details, quantity and a prominent checkout button.

Seamless checkout process

Only ask for information pertaining to fulfill the order. If you have an optional question at checkout, eliminate them. The main motto is to boost sales quickly.

Use proper ratio of sizing

Shoppers placing an order from your site uses different kind of smartphones, and not all smartphones display at the same resolution. By using percentages rather than fixed heights and widths, images and text can auto-size based on the screen type.

Accept Alternative Payment Methods

Many users are new to mobile shopping, hence they get nervous to provide credit card details over the phone, hence allowing them with payment methods like PayPal can help increase sales via mobile phones.


So the above mentioned are some tips by which you can improve your eCommerce store for mobile shoppers. By implementing many of these tips, you are also increasing conversion rates and purchase amounts.

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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