Top Dropshipping Companies for your Online Business

Are you looking to start your own dropshipping company for your online business? Or just in search of the best dropshippers around the globe? Then is article will solve both the questions of yours.

Dropshipping has emerged as one of the most lucrative businesses opportunities these days and the reasons are well known. There is no need to handle shipping of the orders,  hold inventory or worry about inventory shrinkage. Just find reliable dropshipping suppliers and implement efficient dropshipping management software to automate it all.

Yes, it is true that dropshipping is indeed easy, low-risk, and may bring you huge profits within a short time-frame. However, it does come with its own share of challenges. The biggest of them is to find a reliable dropshipper or supplier. And also searching for the inventory or order management software which integrates with these dropshippers.

As a dropshipping retailer, your job is to bring as many orders as possible and then transferring those to the suppliers. The supplier then would process and ship the order.

This is why a sustainable dropshipping business requires dependable suppliers who do not usually go out of stock or commit shipping errors.

In this post, we will list some of the top dropshippers to rely on for your dropshipping business and also give you the reasoning for why you can opt for that dropshipper. If you are looking for a dropship directory, this list can be helpful for your business.

Have a look at the List of “Top Dropshipping Companies” provides best in class dropshipping services.

#1. Oberlo

#2. Doba

#3. SaleHoo

#4. Wholesale 2B

#5. Wholesale Central

#6. Sunrise Wholesale

#7. Aliexpress

#8. Worldwide Brands

#9. Dropwow

#10. Megagoods



Oberlo is one of the top dropshipping suppliers that emphasize on making dropshipping simple and easy to start with.

Once you log in to their app, a comprehensive list of tutorials awaits a successful onboarding process. Oberlo features more than 50 dropshipping companies that allow retailers to choose from a variety of products.

Oberlo tutorial

Oberlo Tutorial

While a majority of the suppliers featured on Oberlo are based in China, there are a number of local suppliers as well.

Why use Oberlo?

  1. More than 50 suppliers, providing a large number of products to sell
  2. Set pricing rules quickly. You can keep selling price as 2x or 3x of the cost price. Just add the multiple of your choice
  3. Auto order fulfillment and tracking number sync
  4. Modestly priced pro plan that allows an unlimited number of orders


Oberlo Global Pricing

Oberlo Global Pricing

Talking about the downsides, some Chinese suppliers may take longer to deliver your product.


Oberlo gives a basic price plan that comes for free. It excludes the monitoring and tracking part though. However, the basic plan comes for $29.90/ month and the pro for $79.90/month

Oberlo Pricing

Oberlo Pricing



Doba is by far one of the most popular dropshippers out there. The platform boasts of more than 2 million products sourced from 100+ suppliers. For many first timers in dropshipping,  Doba comes as a natural choice. All you need to do is to sign up and start selecting the products of your choice.

Once you receive an order, the Doba system forwards that to the supplier. The suppliers then process the order and ship it to the respective customer.

Why use Doba?

  1. Comprehensive product catalog sourced from a large number of suppliers
  2. The software has a feature-rich interface allowing search and catalog management 
  3. Bulk product export to storefront or marketplace
  4. Easy sorting option with respect to price, order status etc. for an effective and quick search experience
  5. Inventory status notifications
  6. Email updates from suppliers about discounts, trending products etc.
  7. Amazon and eBay data export
  8. Dedicated customer success manager provided in the enterprise plan
Product management in Doba

Product management in Doba


There are multiple tiers of pricing depending on the size of your business and the features you require.

Doba pricing



Sale hoo is a New Zealand based dropshipping company. What’s unique about Sale hoo is its one tier pricing. Yes, irrespective of the features you access, you need to pay the same price.

Salehoo gives access to more than 8000 suppliers and 1.6 million branded products. These suppliers and their products are verified by the Sale hoo team that ensures that your customers get quality products.

Why use Sale Hoo?

  1. Access to more than 8000+ suppliers and 1.6million products
  2. Strict quality control. A lot of suppliers are very good
  3. Source branded retail products at wholesale price
  4. A comprehensive resource section
  5. Access to member forum and research lab on sign up. Research lab helps you figure out products for more profits.


As mentioned, Sale hoo provides a single price plan for $67

SaleHoo pricing


Wholesale 2B

Wholesale 2B differentiates itself from other dropshippers by providing integrations for the leading marketplaces. You can import products into Amazon, eBay, Shopify, woo-commerce, bigcommerce and various other channels with ease. The data is automatically synced between your Wholesale2B account and the marketplace or storefront of your choice.

With Wholesale2B, you get a lot of control on inventory and order automation as well. The software is really worth if you are looking to dropship with some augmentation for inventory and orders management.

Why use Wholesale2b?

  1. Effective for multi-channel order fulfillment for dropshipping
  2. Integrations with Amazon, eBay, bigcommerce, woo-commerce, Shopify etc.
  3. More than 1.5 million products to choose from
  4. Pricing with respect to channels, the more you add the more you pay
  5. A large number of products on display

One of the things about Wholesale 2B is the amount of time they take to resolve issues coming from sellers. They are mostly long and may frustrate some sellers.


As mentioned, the prices are marked according to the channels you select. Dropship plans vary from $24.99 to $39.99 per month including a plan for $67/ year as well.

Dropship 2b pricing


Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central is not a Software-cum dropshipping suppliers unlike the ones mentioned above. It is more like a directory of wholesalers and suppliers. Signing up is free for the site and requires email verification.

For sellers who are looking for local suppliers will find wholesale central extremely helpful. Most of the wholesalers are American that helps cutting down the logistic time.

Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central


While you can send inquiries to the seller network of Wholesale Central, it does not give a rich UI experience, unlike other dropshipping software.

Why use Wholesale Central?

  1. More than 1400 suppliers and 700 000 products as reported by forbes in 2014. This must have increased further
  2. One of the dropshipping suppliers with large number of product categories
  3. Reputed Wholesalers/Suppliers curated by Wholesale Central
  4. Dropshipping routed from domestic suppliers within the US means lesser shipping time and better customer experience. This boosts your reputation in return
  5. A lot of these wholesalers are manufacturers themselves ensuring significant price breaks on MOQs

Price – FREE


Sunrise Wholesale

Similar to Wholesale Central, Sunrise Central is also driven by local suppliers based in the United State itself. The supplier list is not long but almost all of them are American which cuts down the shipping duration.

Sunrise is great for sellers who are looking for local suppliers but at the same time want some level of automation with respect to the multiple channels they are selling on.

Why use Sunrise Wholesale as one of your dropshipping suppliers?

  1. Local suppliers with high-quality products
  2. Awarded A+ by BBB
  3. Easily add products to your eBay, Amazon, Shopify stores
  4. Auto update of tracking number and order fulfillment across channels
  5. Gauge product performance to create the perfect portfolio
  6. 7-day free trial available

One of the downsides of Sunrise is the number of products available for sellers to dropship. It might be less for a lot of sellers.


The monthly plan comes for $29.95/month while the yearly plan comes for $99/year.

Sunrise Wholesale Pricing

Sunrise Wholesale Pricing


Aliexpress Dropshipping

Aliexpress is the entity that is largely responsible for creating the current dropshipping market in the world. In fact, a lot of dropshipping suppliers listed in the above entities source their products from Aliexpress.




Dropshipping sellers are mostly interested in products of small size that fall within a specific price range (preferably $15-$30). If you have a list of products that you would like to dropship you can simply buy these products on Aliexpress and ship them to the customer.

Why use Aliexpress?

  1. One of the largest e-commerce ecosystem in the world with millions of products
  2. Very low prices as compared to homegrown suppliers
  3. A complete ecosystem with distribution and payment automation such as Alipay that covers the entire workflow

If you have a Shopify store of your own you can employ plugins such as Aliexpress dropshipping to run your workflow without many glitches.


There is no separate price for using Aliexpress for dropshipping. Payments are made directly to the suppliers.

Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands

Worldwide brands fall in the league of wholesale central and sunrise wholesale. There are more than 16 million certified products to choose from. Worldwide brands do not feature automation features that bring together inventory management or order processing.

Why use Worldwide Brands?

  1. More than 16 million products available to choose from
  2. A lot of local suppliers from the United States are listed
  3. User-friendly UI redesigned in 2018
  4. Apps for Android and iOS are available for easy management
  5. Modest one-time pricing

PriceWorldwide brand coupon

One time pricing for lifetime @ $269. Use coupon to get a discount of $30.


Drop Wow is similar to Oberlo and Doba as this one also automate the dropshipping workflow apart from hosting suppliers. Drop Wow has a curated list of suppliers from China. The app has considerable reviews at the Shopify store and shows up on relevant keyword searches.

dropwow shopify

Why use Dropwow?

  1. A curated list of suppliers from China ensuring cheap price tags
  2. Auto order forwarding to suppliers, auto-forwarding of shipping details to sellers and other workflow automation
  3. Import products into your Shopify store with the Dropwow software
  4. Easy categorization to search quickly through categories
  5. A lot of helpful resources for dropshipping
  6. API available


Dropwow charges $2/order for shipping the product.


Megagoods is one of the few dropshipping suppliers specializing in electronic items and consumer durables. The website has a comprehensive list of categories that mostly fall into that domain. You can create your account for free and start hunting for products straight away.



Why use Megagoods?

  1. Hosts High-quality products
  2. Conducive membership charges
  3. A vast catalog
  4. Good for dropshipping retailers looking to sell electronic items


$14.99/month membership fee + $1.5/order. They also charge a restocking fee when orders are returned.  

So here are some of the top dropshipping companies. We will update the list with more dropshipping suppliers in future.

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      Dropwow charges $2 per order, however, it’s a shipping cost and our service is free. We don’t charge dropshipping store owners any fee.
      I am brand new to Drop Shipping. I have a Shopify store being built that will be done and operational this week. As a Cancer survivor I am excited to have a Cancer clothing/apparel store that I will be able to use a portion of the profits to donate to Cancer Research. Unfortunately I am on a limited budget so I hope I don’t make to many rookie mistakes which includes choosing the right Dropship provider. Could you please explain the $2 cost. Do I pay that per transaction? Should I add that in to my cost for the product? Is Dropwow compatible with Amazon? Is there anything that makes Dropwow a better choice than Doba? Thank you for your help.

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    Thank you for this list. Could you or any others with experience with these Drop Ship companies please answer a few questions.
    How do we figure out which company is the best fit? I am building 2 shopify stores. One is a Cancer T-Shirt & apparel store which is a passion project for me to donate a portion of profits to Cancer research, and the second store is a general nich store. I will be looking for trending products. Is it smarter to use US dropship suppliers from WHOLESALE CENTRAL / SUNRISE WHOLESALE /WORLDWIDEBRANDS or use one of the overseas suppliers but risk longer shipping times.
    * I am not tech savvy at all so I would prefer a user friendly choice. I don’t know if Automate Dropshipping workflow is something I need to worry about. Are some of these suppliers easier tech wise than others?
    *I will be selling car decals, can I upload an image of a specific Cancer ribbon I would like to sell or do I have to choose from their inventory?
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