Top WooCommerce plugins to increase conversions

I’m sure most of us are familiar about WooCommerce. However, for those who had always overlooked the potential of this source – WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that has helped thousands of ecommerce websites with their out-of-the-box plugins to increase sales.  If you are thinking to revamp your ecommerce store, or looking forwarded to create a new one – you definitely should give WooCommerce a chance to create a great impact on product sales in this new year, 2015.

Here is a list of top WooCommerce plugins that will streamline the customers buying experience. And, the better shopping experience you offer your customers, the more sales you’ll see.

– Recover abandon cart

Woo 1

In many cases, you’ll notice that most of the customers who land on your ecommerce website would add some product to their cart, but will not complete their purchase neither return. Such customers have upfrontly shown interest in your site, therefore targeting them, you can get substantial amount of orders back. “WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart” will automatically trigger an effective reminder email that brings back most of the customers to your site and complete the purchase.

– MailChimp Subscriber

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It is very important for any ecommerce business owner to increase the number of email subscribers, but at the same time it becomes difficult to encourage customers to subscribe to your newsletter. “WooCommerce MailChimp Subscriber” plugin is easy to integrate with any Ecommerce site and allow customers to subscribe by simply ticking a checkbox at the bottom of the checkout page. This won’t happen in all the cases, however for the ones who do so – you’ll end up killing two birds with a single arrow.

– Table Rate Shipping

Woo 3

Allowing customers a choice to opt for shipping rates according to location, weight, size , price and quantity will save them money. “WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping” plugin will introduce a sensible, rule-based shipping setup for your store. You customers will end up choosing an appropriate shipping rate whenever they shop from your site. This way you offer a good shopping experience which in turn will automatically increase conversion rates, swiftly.

– Currency converter

Woo 4

If your business is global, allowing easy currency conversions to your international customers becomes important. Many customers get reluctant to shop from sites that do not allow them to convert product price to a currency of their choice, hence it creates an impression in their mind that they’ll end paying more. “WooCommerce Currency Converter” will be an ideal choice to retain such customers. You can set any currency as the base currency, converted prices are just for references.

– Social coupons

Woo 5

Social networking sites are platforms that allow business owners to influence people in wide mass. Encouraging your customers to share their purchase or your brand in return for a discount will automatically divert more potential sales for your ecommerce site. “WooCommerce Social Coupons” enables store owners to easily integrate social share buttons into the checkout process and on product pages. Coupons are applied in the checkout page without requiring the user to actually type in a code.

– Free gifts

Woo 6

The word “free” is the most influencing factor for online shoppers, and offering free gifts to customers exceeding a certain amount will automatically bring in more sales for your ecommerce business. “WooCommerce Free Gift” plugin will allow you to offer multiple choices while selecting a free gift for customers who spend a certain amount (you can decide the amount) while shopping from your site. This plugin will automatically encourage more and more customers to shop from your site in order to get products for free.

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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