Tracking and shipping management

Track your orders in real-time and make sure they get where they’re supposed to with Orderhive’s state-of-the-art package tracking software. Choose from over 10 shipping companies to fulfill your orders. Manage your deliveries the way you want them.

Quick, simple order fulfillment

Shipping management and parcel tracking is easier than ever with Orderhive.

Ship domestic and International parcels

Connect with leading shipping companies like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL to ship your orders easily. Orderhive combines your inventory and shipping management into one simple package tracking system, with stock levels updated automatically.

Calculate and compare shipping rates

Our integrated shipping calculator lets you get commercial USPS rates within Orderhive. Calculate shipping rates based on important parameters like weight and dimensions, and source of your shipments. Compare the shipping rates of leading carriers and choose the best available rate.

Ship at the best rate

Orderhive gets you the best discounted commercial USPS rates so you can cut your shipping costs. With high volumes of shipments processed daily within the Orderhive system, we get you the lowest shipping rate no matter which courier partner you select.

Create bulk shipments and print labels

See at a glance which orders you need to process in Orderhive’s order grid. Select your confirmed orders, and generate packing slips and shipping labels in one go. Choose from different packing slip templates to enhance your company’s branding. Generate, download, and print your own shipping labels in just a few clicks. This is shipping management made easy.

Track parcels in real-time

Our integrated package tracking system makes parcel tracking easy. For any order, you can choose to track package by order number, and get a real-time order status updates throughout each stage of the fulfillment process. Track your package anytime, anywhere, with our package tracking software that syncs to all your mobile devices.

Improve your customer service

A streamlined delivery tracking process gives your customers an accurate delivery estimate, so they’re always kept in the loop. Orderhive’s parcel tracking system gives you a single view of the entire order fulfillment process, so you’ll always be able to tell your customers exactly what they want to know.