Trending products to sell online and what makes them click?

E-commerce is making it easy to open a store in minutes, encouraging more and more people to start a business of their own.

This does not only allow them an opportunity to become their own boss, but also get an access to millions of potential customers who regularly browse products, compare prices, and have already made purchases online at least for once.

Considering the demand for people shopping online, like many others even you may get encouraged to starts an online selling business of your own. But, the question that stops many from jumping into the online world is, what to sell?

Best-selling internet products

Best selling products 1

According to the above survey from Statista analyzing best-selling products based on global internet users as of October 2015- fashion-related products are leading in the list suggested by 55% of the respondents. Next, in the line, we have books, music, and stationery, with 50%.

Start-ups and small budget oriented sellers may not like to take a risk of experimenting with new products; therefore most of them get encouraged to select product line that already has a demand.

This strategy can surely attract the audience; however, dealing with one of those best-selling products will automatically increase competition too.

Success for an online business depends on the products offerings

Selling identical products offered by multiple sellers across the web may not earn you sales orders as per your expectations, however; focusing on the most trending ones can help you earn new opportunities and increase sales for your eCommerce business.

What can be those trending products to consider, and why?

I- Grooming products for men

gromming 2

Market value

Men’s pampering products have seen an increase in demand during the last decade that Statista has estimated the global male grooming market to be worth about 21.4 billion U.S. dollars and expected to reach 26.6 U.S. dollars.

What makes them click?

Many men may still be reluctant in using grooming products, because, either they are not aware of the products available online, or, they are not clear about the usage.

Offering product usage via videos or even personalized content will make it encouraging for many men to not only know about the latest grooming products available in the, but also, get encouraged to use those products for looking good.

II- Drones and drone accessories


Drone 4

Market value

The market for drone units is estimated to increase by 30%-50% by the end of this year, as per reports from

Promotional example from a leading brand

Drone 5

What makes them click?

Drones (unmanned aircraft) offering a multi-purpose usage, can create a great demand, however, being one of the most improvised technology pricing drones will determine the success of your business.

Frequently offering special discounts, or combo deal offers (that can include drone accessories too) will ensure you are offering customers a value for their money they spend.

III- E-Cigarette

e-cigarette 6

Market value

Cigarette smoking is surely injurious to health, however, E-Cigarette, also known as vaporizers, or even, electronic nicotine delivery systems are allowing youths and adults an alternative for smoking.

A report by Statistic Brain mentioned, 29% of people who tried e-cigarettes have quit smoking within 6 months, and total sales of e-cigarette recorded for $2, 875,000 in 2015.

Promotional example from a leading brand

e-cigarette 7

What makes them click?

Considering a report from Statista, 39% of the correspondents reported to have tried e-cigarette due to an ability of being able to smoke inside.

Many may be still new to the product; however, keeping your store updated with the latest styles of e-sticks and e-liquids will automatically encourage smokers to try them.

IV- Customized products

Customized 8

Market value

In the present world, the fastest way to increase sales for an online store is to deal with customized product offerings. As per a report from Deloitte, one out of three consumers wants personalized products.

Promotional example from a leading brand

Halo 9

What makes them click?

Allowing customer an ability to request for their own designs and styles for products you sell (that can include clothing and gift items too) will encourage many online shoppers to purchase products that can best match their ever-changing moods.

However, the assortment of product categories you’ll offer for personalization will determine the growth of your eCommerce business.

V- Handmade and craft products

Handmade 10

Market value

An article on The Seattle Times clearly states how handmade and craft products is reaching a wider online marketplace.

Promotional example from a leading marketplace

Etsy 1 11

What makes them click?

Selling your artwork online over leading marketplace like Etsy will automatically give you an access to a large ready-made customer base. However, with thousands of sellers selling across the same platform can hamper sales opportunities.

The more unique you get with your artwork and content, the better chances for online shoppers to spot your products and make purchases on-the-go.

VI- Mobile accessories

mobile accessories 12

Market value

A report by Future Marketing Insights has estimated global market revenue of 121,726.4 U.S. dollars by 2025. It also mentioned that The Global Mobile Phone Accessories market is expected to amplify at 6.9% CAGR during the period.

Promotional example from a leading brand

MobileFun 13

What makes them click?

As of June 2015 there are 2.6 billion smartphone users globally, and expected to reach 6.1 billion users by end of 2020, mentioned in an article on Techcrunch. The numbers were taken from annual Mobility Report from Ericsson.

Considering the demand for smartphones in the coming years, selling mobile accessories can surely be a profit-making idea online. And, offering unique accessories will be added advantage for modern online shoppers who always look up for trendy mobile items to match their daily attire.

VII- Grocery

Grocery 14

Market value

A 2015 report by Nielsen stated that one quarter of the online respondents said they purchase grocery online, while more than half (55%) are willing to do so in future.

Promotional example from a leading brand

Fresh direct 15

What makes them click?

E-grocery is said to be the fastest growing sector in the retail market and with stores offering personal recommendations and exclusive offers will allow online shoppers an ability to purchase their daily needs without having to take out their wallet.

VIII- Pet products

pet 16

Market value

A report by American Pet Products Association, $60.28 billion was spent on pet products in the United States, while it is estimated $62.75 billion will be spent on pets.

Promotional example from a leading brand

Pet smart 17

What makes them click?

Offering a range of pet products and services that include food, supplies, vet care, animal purchase and even their grooming products under one roof, will avoid the need of online shoppers to jump across multiple stores to get what they are looking for their pets.

IX- Luxury products

Luxury 18

Market value

The overall market for luxury goods has exceeded $1 trillion in 2015 that confirmed an overall growth of 5% from the previous year, said a report by Bain & Company.

Promotional example from a leading brand

hermes 19

What makes them click?

study by Google and Forrester Research has said that high-income individuals shop more frequently and spend online than middle-income people.

Therefore, selling luxury products that can include jewelery, clothing and accessories in more personalized way will make them feel their money is being valued and won’t mind spending more.

X- Children wear

Children wear 20

Market value

A recent article on Luxury Daily mentioned the children’s wear market in the United States was estimated to have reached $156.8 billion, while the United States children’s wear market is projected to climb $8.5 billion in current exchange rates.

Promotional example from a leading brand

Pumpkin Patch 21

What makes them click?

Kids today are more exposed than ever- don’t you agree? Considering a report by Statista, baby care market is expected to increase sales to 66.8 billion U.S. dollars by 2017.

Similar to any adult, updating your store with latest styles and funky brands for kids can help you be a part of the ever-growing children’s wear market.

Closing note

Today, opening an online store is as simple as opening a social media account over the web. However, the success of your online business will determine on the products you offer!

Happy Selling  🙂

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.


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    Here are the Top 10 products to sell online in 2017
    Video Doorbells
    Facial Masks
    Phone Cases
    Avocado Oil
    Bluetooth Speakers
    Enamel Pins
    Coconut Oil
    VR Products

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      Thank you very much for the list!

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