Streamline your communication workflows on Cin7 Orderhive by integrating with Unifonic

Connecting Unifonic to Cin7 Orderhive allows you to provide stellar customer service and ace your marketing game. You can update your customers via SMS, WhatsApp or Unifonic.

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Improve customer engagement

A Unifonic integration allows you to communicate with your customers in their preferred channel. Customer data is available directly from Cin7 Orderhive when you integrate with Unifonic.

Notify customers

Once a customer is authenticated by Unifonic, you can send them notifications about their order directly from Cin7 Orderhive.

Coordinated customer communication

You can record all customer communication details in Cin7 Orderhive. Avoid switching between platforms to check the latest customer communications.

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Connect your sales channels to Cin7 Orderhive to simplify inventory and order management. Contact us to integrate your choice of sales channels with Cin7 Orderhive.

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