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Few useful tips to get running with Shopify integration

For every establishing online retail store owners, exploring to new selling opportunities is the best way to develop a firm customer base in order to maintain a stable growth. There are a number of shopping platform that can be utilized for generating more revenue, regardless you integrate with the correct platform.


Multi-Channel e-Commerce solution like Orderhive comes as a boon to these online retail business owners; it is the latest trend in the e-commerce market with the capacity to manage all the channels of online retail business efficiently.

Orderhive plays nice with Shopify, a leading website platform that helps emerging online stores get off the ground and develop into successful web store. Until date, Shopify powers tens of thousands of online retailers offering a flexible platform that allows retailers to easily create their own web store without any technical work involved in creating their own store, or huge expense incurred to hire experts build their store.

Why Orderhive and Shopify?

Orderhive is a complete multi-channel integrated business solution that streamlines your retail operations. It will boost your Shopify store and lets you manage all your back-end operations in very efficient and cost-effective way. This includes – uploading products in your Orderhive account, viewing incoming orders, order management, completed transactions and much more.

Orderhive makes it super easy to set up your Shopify ecommerce store in minutes, from any computer, without the hassle to deal with software installation or technical additions.

Few useful tips to get running with Shopify integration on Orderhive

Get started with Shopify

For users who already have an account with Shopify you can simply head to Orderhive’s Channels dashboard and click on Shopify “Add Channel”

For users who do not have an existing account with Shopify, you will have create an account with Shopify and fill the required details. Once done you will be given an API key. On receiving the API key, you can simply head to Orderhive’s Channels dashboard and click on Shopify “Add Channel”. Here you will be asked for the API key, hostname and password in order to integrate your Shopify store with Orderhive.

Once integrated, Orderhive will help you pull your all your existing products from Shopify into a single screen.Once products synced and any changes made to the product in one channel will auto-sync to the others.

Any orders placed on your Shopify store can be easily synced to your Orderhive’s account as they happen.

Assign your products in the correct area

Orderhive’s Shopify integration will assign your products in the correct area without you having manually add them.

For example, while shopping men’s apparel, if you want to pull products that contain the product tag “formal pants” and “shoes”. Then any product listed in Orderhive with the product tag “formal pants” and “shoes” will show up in that area.

Add products to your Shopify store

Orderhive does not add new products to Shopify store. You can add products to your Orderhive store by clicking “add products” which is located on left side in the product detail screen.

Once you product added by you in your store, you can have a seamless inventory management flow from a single integrated screen through Orderhive.

Auto sync product price and quantity in your Shopify store

Once you integrate your existing orders from your Shopify store to Orderhive and later any price or quantity change made to a product in your Orderhive Store will auto sync them to your Shopify store.

This allows you hassle free management without having you manually do it.

To know more you can browse our website at or call us at 91-79- 65445102 and our experts will be happy to assist you further.

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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