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Using A/B testing for your E-commerce store

A/B Testing

It is always more than what meet the eyes, especially for an E-commerce store. There are fewer telltale signs that can predict the performance consistency of the E-commerce store. Apart from listing out your products and creating a fancy marketing strategy, how do you ensure the long-term success of your website?

This is exactly where you pitch in A/B testing. Any time when you change the price, or layout of your website or any minor change, remember it’s a gamble. There are 50-50 chances of you either winning with it or drowning badly.

Hence, to balance before it’s too late, adapting A/B testing is the new black now. Left and right, everyone is testing out any damn thing. From something as silly as color to something like shipping offers or product images.

With so many tools available on hand, anyone is doing A/B testing but at the stake of time and money. As an online store owner lets not forget that if A/B testing might be giving you a clear idea of what works and what not, you are staking your TRAFFIC on it.

Cut down on your Bounce Rates

You invest a lot of time and are putting a lot of effort in creating efficient web pages. It is extremely disappointing when visitors does not bother to stay any longer than a second on your site, not viewing your pages or content further. A/B testing can help you figure out what can be changed for enhancing site performance.

Be it quirky headline or font or anything on the site, direct A/B testing will help you in finding the right combination that can stick your customer to your site. This will ultimately increase conversion rate and cut your bounce rate.

Useful in Low-Data-Rate Testing

On any other note using ample data would be more fruitful but not when we speak of A/B testing. With an A/B test you actually don’t need zillions of pageviews to test the workable version of content, page, or whatever form is offering the best result.

As a matter of fact, even if you have a few conversions per day, you can still deduce which version works against which. Even if you don’t have much time you can still fairly determine how quickly the version that your customers find engaging.

Capture 2

A/B tests come handy to figure out the natural variability of a website. It divides the traffic in two similar pages with pertaining variation, and if you find out that there is remarkable lift on one of the variations, you need to look out for what caused it

Reduced Cart Abandonment

One of the many problems of an E-commerce store is Cart abandonment. As a retailer, you have absolutely no control over customer’s mood or impulse. However, an estimate states that cart abandonment rates are anywhere between 40%-75%

There are undoubtedly several driving forces behind cart abandonment, but factors such as cognitive psychology, check out the page and where do you display shipping cost and how plays an important role in customer’s decision-making process. These are also the factors due to which you face majority cart abandonment.

Hence doing A/B testing helps you find the pain area of your audience and lets you rectify accordingly. One such instance is what Nuface did to its web appearance.

It geared up with Red door who conducted an A/B test to see if including a free shipping threshold affects the company’s sales or not.

Now this is how it actually looked like (Control)

Capture 3

Apparently, half the traffic showed the original while the other half was taken to below depicted variant version “Free shipping over $75″ placed right above the Shop NuFace button.

Capture 4

Incase you failed to notice, it is this the “Free” magic wand that made a whopping difference. The test results showed that when customers were given the free shipping incentive, orders increased by 90% with a 96% confidence level. In addition to this, the company’s Average Order Value (AOV) also rose by 7.32%.

Capture 5


But, Not all that glitters is Gold

Nothing is too perfect. Like any other stuff it too has its own flaws. A/B testing gives a lot of data that is not invariably accurate or understandable. You may change based on the conclusion of the test without really knowing the driving force behind the change.

Questioning what made people like either of the options specifically during test time, will consume a hell lot of time and data to actually see through. Worse is if you have changed three to four things at a time if will be more difficult to deduce what triggered the conversion. Now, if you optimize your page based on these results you might see a temporary gain with a permanent loss.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget your customers behavior shifts according to their user experience, their mood and their intention of the visit. Let’s say your customers came with a purpose of mere surfing and not buying, but next time they come with a purpose of buying and they see a different version and yet buy. How can you be so sure if the variant worked or not since they already had made up their mind?

With that said, there are enough do’s than don’ts and hence you should not back out from testing any aspect you may feel is worth molding in.

Devarshi Pandya

Devarshi Pandya

Devarshi is an enthusiastic writer, active twitterati and educator offering creative content for effective e-commerce marketing and strategies. She brings along her experience in extensive research and branding. A passionate writer by day and an avid reader by night she packages for a blend of technical and creative write-ups.

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