Video Advertising Strategy for e-Commerce publishers

How Customers view e-Commerce advertising

Customers nowadays are more proactive and vigilant about different products and businesses than ever. Globalization and the ease of access to the internet are making the process of choosing the right e-commerce business for online shopping hassle free. In this digital age, especially in these last few years, with greater information spread and with people having low attention span, customers and prospects are more oriented towards and invested in high-quality product images, written irresistible descriptions, quick eCommerce automations that deliver order details and confirmation instantly, and even gathered reviews of the products, and a nice engaging short video that engages customers towards their products and services. Creating a rave about the launch of products with a featured trailer or a glimpse video ad is the new huge hit. With the right video advertising strategy for e-commerce publishers can make their website’s user engagement go places.

You may wonder that creating an e-commerce video ad is a huge investment, but the returns are even higher. According to the statistics, in 2020 about 80% of internet traffic is made up of video content. VDO.AI makes it relatively easy for publishers by providing them guidance and the right direction to gimmick the best video ads to the publishers’ e-commerce business. Click here to learn more.

Why choose ecommerce video marketing?

eCommerce video marketing

With desirable visuals, content-driven engagement, narrative audios & background music, video advertising is the best customer attention-grabbing strategy for budding and established companies. The video ads become even more personalized when publishers start consulting programmatic engaging solutions. The companies like VDO.AI help derive the best of the customer engagement and interest by showing the ads which the user feels relevant, keeping their age, demographics and interests into consideration.

With a short description, the product feature video and maybe some added humor/comic can make the product boom effectively. According to Forbes, video ads now make up over 35% of all ad spending online globally making advertisers say much more in a short span of time enabling user engagement and growth in sales.

Video advertising strategies to employ for eCommerce Advertisers

For an e-commerce business, one must see that their business is getting highlighted with the best of what the video ads provide about their products/services. To ensure better customer engagement and to gain potential clients, e-commerce business needs their video ads to focus on:

  • Explaining how to use its products
  • Describing features and functionalities of the desired product
  • Sharing best customer reviews to capture the minds of potential customers.
  • Product comparison with rival products to show no discrepancy
  • Trailer feature of the product in-action
  • A centered story on the Product to let the customer feel the relativeness and bond attached to the product
  • Business feature on why & how the e-commerce business and its products stand out from the rest.
  • Comfortable, eye-quality video to pop the audience minds with a fresh perspective
  • Catchy description and caption to make the video ads more relatable in today’s world context.
  • Product tutorial video ads, Installation/set-up video ads, social message ads, live videos, expert reviews, story-based videos can also increase your engagement with people, potential customers, business, and other possible investors and a possible alliance as well.
  • Creating a script, Including Call-to-action, Brand awareness using user-generated content, using youtube video ads or influencer ads, and also cross-platform experience can add certain charm elements to the product and the business.

VDO.AI’s native video ad units and story units with easy-to-use codes and creating lightweight videos will help many publishers in their product awareness making their website transactions to boom.


With all these fair benefits that are achieved via native advertising, proper strategy is a must to see a huge bump in the engagement and ad click-through of your e-Commerce business. With the right platforms like VDO.AI, advertisers can ease themselves out to not stress on the visibility of the engaging ads as VDO.AI follows the best of algorithms and programmatic ads to make the advertisers reach their goals. Encouraging VDO.AI reviews from across the spectrum are a testament to this.

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