How to “Unlink Products” in Orderhive

Just as simple it is to link products in Orderhive to maintain the same inventory levels, is the process to un-link them anytime in need. By unlinking products, you are back to start managing inventory for each of unlinked products separately, and making stock adjustments individually. This video will let you run through the simple process to unlink products in Orderhive.


How to “Receive Stock Against Purchase Order” in Orderhive

When you have stock coming from different suppliers, it can be difficult to receive and keep a track of them all at the same time. Orderhive makes receiving stock super simple for you. In Orderhive, there are 2 ways for receiving the stock of Purchase order. First is ‘Receive Stock manually’ and the second is ‘Receive stock by scanning barcodes’.
This video will let you through the processes to receive stock against Purchase Order in Orderhive.


How to “Ship International Orders”

Orderhive allows its users to create international shipments along with domestic shipments in just a few simple steps.
This video will guide you through the process to create international shipments in Orderhive and customs settings you need to configure to process international orders.


How to perform “Bulk Actions on PO” in Orderhive

Managing purchase orders in Orderhive is super quick and easy, thanks to the ‘bulk action’ feature. You can now raise, delete, download, and print multiple POs at the same time in a click or two.
This video will show you how to perform different bulk actions on POs in Orderhive.


Download & Print Packing Slips

A packing slip is a shipping document that comes with an order, usually attached to the shipping pouch or inside the package, which basically is the list of items in the shipment. With Orderhive, you can generate, download and print packing slip for your orders – either individually or in bulk, and in starndard or customized formats. .
This video will show you how to customize packing slip templates and how to generate/print packing slips for your order shipments in Orderhive.


Print custom form for international shipment

A customs form is used to declare the package contents in order to pass through the corresponding customs agencies that control the flow of goods in and out of each country. In Orderhive, once you’ve processed an international shipment, you can download or print customs form from shipments section.
This tutorial will show you how to generate and print customs form for international shipments in Orderhive.

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