How to “Ship International Orders”

Orderhive allows its users to create international shipments along with domestic shipments in just a few simple steps.
This video will guide you through the process to create international shipments in Orderhive and customs settings you need to configure to process international orders.


How to perform “Bulk Actions on PO” in Orderhive

Managing purchase orders in Orderhive is super quick and easy, thanks to the ‘bulk action’ feature. You can now raise, delete, download, and print multiple POs at the same time in a click or two.
This video will show you how to perform different bulk actions on POs in Orderhive.


Download & Print Packing Slips

A packing slip is a shipping document that comes with an order, usually attached to the shipping pouch or inside the package, which basically is the list of items in the shipment. With Orderhive, you can generate, download and print packing slip for your orders – either individually or in bulk, and in starndard or customized formats. .
This video will show you how to customize packing slip templates and how to generate/print packing slips for your order shipments in Orderhive.


Print custom form for international shipment

A customs form is used to declare the package contents in order to pass through the corresponding customs agencies that control the flow of goods in and out of each country. In Orderhive, once you’ve processed an international shipment, you can download or print customs form from shipments section.
This tutorial will show you how to generate and print customs form for international shipments in Orderhive.


Costs associated with Amazon FBA

Hello seller! The very complex Amazon costs have always set a dilemma for aspiring FBA sellers. Not just that, even the existing FBA sellers find it difficult to comprehend the complex structures and multiple layers of FBA fees they find in invoices. While there are multiple benefits of an FBA business, it is always good to understand what it takes (fees) to set it on successfully and to decide whether it is actually worth or not. These costs depends on a lot of factors – products, location, target area, preferred shipping speed etc. This video will guide you in every way possible to understand FBA costs with suitable examples wherever needed and will cover: – Subscription fees – Referral fee – Fulfillment charges – Storage charges – Inbound shipping fees And other miscellaneous costs. Orderhive’s starter guide on Amazon FBA is a video series with full-fledged answers to all your queries. Part 1 covers: Amazon FBA, its benefits & step-by-step guide to start Amazon FBA. Part 2 explains costs associated with Amazon FBA. Read the blog for more details: Recommended resources: About Orderhive: Orderhive is a SaaS-based solution which brings order, shipping and inventory management functionalities on one platform. It facilitates multi-channel selling, streamlines and automates back-end processes, and maintains a real-time inventory tracking system. Orderhive provides seamless integrations with leading marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc, shopping carts like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce etc, shipping partners like FedEx, USPS, UPS, DPD etc, accounting software like Quickbooks & Xero in a unified business tool. Orderhive comes with ‘15 days free trial’ and ‘24X7 customer support’. When you are with Orderhive, you’re in a good company!

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How to Process Cancellation/Refund of a Shipment in Orderhive

Orderhive provides the feature to cancel shipments. There can be many reasons to cancel a shipment, however, the most common ones are reprinting labels or correction of shipment details. After canceling, you can create the same shipment again with fresh details, while also claiming a refund for the canceled shipment.
This video will show you how to cancel a shipment in Orderhive.

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