“How to Bulk Import Orders” in Orderhive

“Orderhive, the smart order, shipping & inventory management software, comes with a special feature which facilitates bulk import of Orders and hence cuts down the hassle of adding or updating Orders one by one.

This tutorial will show you how to ‘Import Orders in Bulk’ in Orderhive.”


“Archive Or Unarchive Products” in Orderhive

While doing a business, specially retail, you often are needed to add or remove items from store or selling channels for some or the other reason; and sometimes constantly too. Orderhive, your smart inventory management software, is laden with an easy functionality which allows you to archive or unarchive products from the list at any given point of time. This tutorial will show you how to archive or unarchive products in Orderhive.


Barcode Label Generation in Orderhive

Barcodes are very essential to optimize inventory management and reduce manual tracking errors. You can generate and assign a barcode label to each of your product, and simply scan it to track its movement. A good inventory management software like Orderhive is compatible with barcode system and hence facilitates error-free inventory control. This tutorial will show you how to generate barcode labels, assign barcodes to your products and use them.


Raising PO for Backordered Products in Orderhive

Any business needs to keep a tight check to make sure that not a single sale is missed due to any low stock or out-of-stock situation. A dynamic inventory management system like Orderhive plays a big role here. If any product is Out Of Stock, the Orderhive system allows the seller to take or confirm order for that product – which is termed as a BackOrder. Orderhive system automatically calculates the quantity of backordered products and lets you make a quick purchase from suppliers to fulfill those pending orders. In this video, lets learn how to raise PO for backordered products.


“Multi currency” in Orderhive

The businesses and customers have got no boundaries now. To cater to a global audience, business entities are required to be adept and updated with growing demands and global trends. Orderhive system supports multiple currencies – and hence eases business transactions with customers or suppliers dealing in any other currency. This tutorial will show you how to use multi-currency conversion facility in Orderhive and convert base currency into desired currency while creating a manual sales order or raising a purchase order.


“Adding a Purchase Order (PO)” in Orderhive

Orderhives’ inventory management software has one such purchase management feature that centralizes all purchases to let your business run efficiently. You can create online purchase orders or POs and send them to your supplier with just a few clicks. This tutorial will help you learn how to Create or Add a Purchase Order and how to create Purchase Order from Products as well as Orders.

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