How to “Add Orders” in Orderhive

Order management is one of the most crucial functions for any ecommerce seller or store owner, which involves creating an order and processing it for successful fulfilment. Orderhive’s powerful inventory management software facilitates just-in-time order workflow using a kanban visual approach – so you know exactly what orders need to be confirmed, what orders to be shipped, what are shipped and what are completed. This tutorial will guide you on how to add or create orders in Orderhive.


“Adding a Bundle Product” in Orderhive

Bundling of complementing or similar products into a ‘packaged deal’ is an excellent way to boost sales and inventory movement. Orderhive, your smart order, shipping and inventory management software enables bundling of products, and hence facilitates bundled orders & shipment tracking. This tutorial will help you understand how to create a product bundle in your Orderhive offline store.


How to “Export Products” from Orderhive

It is always good to have a handy record of all the products in your inventory for an efficient inventory control and management. Orderhive makes this easy for you, by allowing you to export product details in an Excel sheet so that you have a record both offline and online. This tutorial will guide you on how to export product details in Orderhive.


How to “Update Product” using Import in Orderhive

For smooth inventory management, you need to have all products related information handy. Orderhive, your smart order, shipping & inventory management software makes this possible with an easy-to-use feature. Updating product details in bulk is a quick and easy function which allows you to update a number of product details at once instead of going through each one separately.
This tutorial will guide you on how to simply update products details in Orderhive.


“Stock Count” in Orderhive

Managing stock for multiple sales channels is a heavy task for any e-commerce seller or store owner and it is also extremely important to remain updated about warehouse stock levels at all times. Orderhive – the smart and powerful order, shipping & inventory management software – makes physical stock count and verification extremely easy with Stock Count feature.
This tutorial will show you how to use Stock Count feature in Orderhive Account.


“Adding a Product” in Orderhive

Orderhive, your all-in-one Order, Shipping & Inventory Management software comes with most useful features and easy-to-use interface. Orderhive lets you add as many products as required to sell via the offline store and hence also enabling smooth stock syncing. This tutorial will show you how to ‘Add Products’ from offline store in your Orderhive account.

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