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How to configure “Transaction Settings” in Orderhive

“Orderhive, your all-in-one Orders, Shipping & Inventory Management software can help you manage multiple transactions with your suppliers or buyers easily on a single platform. It is important that your payment and accounting is automated as per necessary terms. This tutorial will show how to configure Transaction settings in your Orderhive account.


How to configure “International Shipping Settings” in Orderhive

With Orderhive, you can not just manage domestic shipping, but shipping across the globe. With this tutorial, know how to set customs preferences and necessary declarations for international shipping in your Orderhive account -your all-in-one order, shipping & inventory management software.


How to configure “Product Settings” in Orderhive

You need to have precise information about all your products to handle your inventory efficiently. Product Settings in Orderhive helps you maintain essential Product-related data on a single page. This video teaches you how to add or edit details of your inventory in your Orderhive account with just a few clicks. “How to Configure Orderhive? – “Playlist” from Youtube:”

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