How to “Manually Ship Order (single or bulk)” in Orderhive

Orderhive has extensive shipping capabilities. It’s connected to leading carriers including USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc, so you can centralize all your shipping operations. You can check shipping rates, generate – print – & – download labels, as well as track shipping in real-time.
This video will guide you on how to manually ship individual as well as bulk orders in Orderhive, your smart shipping software.


How to “Email a Purchase Order” in Orderhive

Orderhive makes your purchasing really easy and efficient with several practical features. ‘Email a purchase order’ function is useful for sending a purchase order copy to your supplier once you have created a purchase in Orderhive. This video will quickly guide you on how to email a PO in Orderhive, your smart purchase management software.


How to “Generate Barcode Labels” in Orderhive

Barcodes are very essential to optimize inventory management and reduce manual tracking errors. Orderhive is Barcode friendly inventory management software using which you can generate and assign a barcode label to each of your products, and simply scan it to track its movement. Orderhive is compatible with any USB or Bluetooth barcode scanner that supports EAN, UPC, QR, or Code-128 barcodes.

This video will help you understand how to assign barcodes to your products in Orderhive and further use them.


How to “Import Suppliers in Bulk” in Orderhive

Its always good to have your supplier list handy for smart purchasing. Orderhive lets you import supplier details in bulk, and automate purchase processes from the system itself.
This video will quickly have you run through the process to import suppliers in bulk in Orderhive – your smart Purchase Management Software.


How to “Download and Print Shipping Label” in Orderhive

Orderhive provides its users the benefit of not just creating shipment labels for orders, but also downloading & printing shipping labels at any given point of time. You can choose to download/print shipping labels for single or bulk orders in Orderhive.
This video tutorial will quickly have you run through the process to download or print shipping labels for single or bulk orders in Orderhive – your smart Shipping Software.


How to Edit and Clone PO

Orderhive’s ‘Clone PO’ feature aims at making your life easier by letting you clone exisitng POs for new PO creation – simply cutting down the hassle of creating repeat POs with same or similar details. And a coinciding feature ‘Edit PO’ allows you to edit existing POs in your Orderhive account.
This tutorial will guide you through the processes to Clone or Edit PO in Orderhive, your smart Purchase Management Software.