How to “Transfer Stock” in Orderhive

The ‘stock transfer’ feature in Orderhive is designed to help you transfer stock between warehouses or any other storage units. With this, you make sure none of your warehouses run out of products that are in high demand or need quick replenishment.

This tutorial will guide to understand stock transfer process through four stages in Orderhive – your smart warehouse and inventory management software.


How to “Delete Products”

Deleting the products will help you to remove unnecessary products that are to be discontinued or are created by mistake. The delete functionality will only delete the products created in Orderhive. This tutorial will show you how to delete a single product or products in bulk in Orderhive, your smart inventory management software.


How to “Export Shipments”

The feature of exporting shipments in Orderhive allows its users to export the details of shipments created within Orderhive, in an excel sheet for any external use or reference. This tutorial will explain you how to export shipments using three different ways in Orderhive, your smart shipping software.


How to “Import Bulk POs” in Orderhive

Raising a new PO manually every time can be really tedious and time-consuming. Orderhive comes with a feature to import purchase orders using an excel file to provess multiple purchase orders at once.
This tutorial will show you how to import bulk POs in Orderhive, your smart inventory management software.


How to do “Mass Shipping”

Creating shipping labels manually for every new order can be quite a time-consuming task, also repetitive when you are dealing with orders having same or similar specifications. To save you from this monotonous task, Orderhive brings a feature for mass shipping using Presets.
Shipping Presets are predefined shipping label values that can be set for orders with same or similar shipping requirements. Once you have created presets, you can directly select appropriate presets while generating shipping labels for orders in bulk.

This video will take you through processes to create shipping presets and use those to generate mass shipping labels.


How to “Unlink Products” in Orderhive

Just as simple it is to link products in Orderhive to maintain the same inventory levels, is the process to un-link them anytime in need. By unlinking products, you are back to start managing inventory for each of unlinked products separately, and making stock adjustments individually. This video will let you run through the simple process to unlink products in Orderhive.

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