How to Process Cancellation/Refund of a Shipment in Orderhive

Orderhive provides the feature to cancel shipments. There can be many reasons to cancel a shipment, however, the most common ones are reprinting labels or correction of shipment details. After canceling, you can create the same shipment again with fresh details, while also claiming a refund for the canceled shipment.
This video will show you how to cancel a shipment in Orderhive.


How to Export Purchase Orders in Orderhive

Orderhive comes with a handy feature that lets you export purchase orders in bulk in an excel sheet. This sheet consists of all necessary details associated with a PO, that you might need for accounting, analysis or any other purpose. This video will show you how to export POs in Orderhive, your smart order & inventory management software.


How to resolve duplicate SKU in Orderhive

There are times when we give the same SKU to multiple products on a channel by mistake. To handle such case, Orderhive lets you sync duplicate SKUs from the channel or store which you can then resolve from within Orderhive.
This video will show you how to resolve duplicate SKUs in Orderhive, your smart order & inventory management software.


Amazon FBA and its Benefits | An all-encompassing starter guide to succeed with Amazon FBA | Part 1

Hello seller! There are a number of questions you might have about Amazon FBA, like
What is FBA all about?
Why should I opt for FBA or why not?
What should I sell on FBA?
What is the extra cost I pay for FBA?
How do I start FBA business?
How to make the most of my FBA business?
What is MCF (Multi-channel fulfillment)?
What are FBA alternatives?
And much more…

Orderhive’s starter guide on Amazon FBA is a video series with full-fledged answers to all your queries. Part 1 covers: Amazon FBA, its benefits & step-by-step guide to start Amazon FBA.

Read the blog for more details:

About Orderhive:
Orderhive is a SaaS-based solution which brings order, shipping and inventory management functionalities on one platform. It facilitates multi-channel selling, streamlines and automates back-end processes, and maintains a real-time inventory tracking system. Orderhive provides seamless integrations with leading marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc, shopping carts like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce etc, shipping partners like FedEx, USPS, UPS, DPD etc, accounting software like Quickbooks & Xero in a unified business tool.
Orderhive comes with ‘15 days free trial’ and ‘24X7 customer support’.

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“How to manage stock for bundled products” in Orderhive

Bundling is a great way to boost sales by clubbing two or more products into one bundle at discounted rates or other attractive offers.
Orderhive not just lets you bundle products, but also manages the stock for bundled products, both individually and in bundle.
This video will show you how Orderhive manages the stock of bundled products.


“Email Settings” in Orderhive

The Email Settings in Orderhive lets you send customized emails to your end users with any type of personalization your business needs. You can customize outgoing email templates for Invoice, Order, Dropshipping and Payment Link or use default Standard email templates.
This video will show you how to configure Email Settings in Orderhive.

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