How to do “Quick Stock Adjustment and Quick Price Adjustment” in Orderhive

Stock numbers and prices are quite dynamic in nature, and you need to up your game to keep your system synced accurately, and in real-time. There are multiple ways to update or change the stock and prices manually in Orderhive. ‘’Quick stock adjustment’’ & ‘’Quick price adjustment’’ features in Orderhive help you make fast and smooth changes in the stock and product prices as and when required.
This video will show you how to use ‘’Quick stock adjustment’’ & ‘’Quick price adjustment’’ features in Orderhive.


“How to Manage Stock Transfer” with Orderhive

The Stock transfer feature in Orderhive is designed to help you to transfer stock between warehouses or stock storage places. Hence you can make sure your any of your warehouses never runs out of products that are in high demand and need quick replenishment.
This tutorial will show you how to initiate stock transfer in Orderhive, your smart inventory management system.


“How to Add Comments or Notes” in Orderhive

This tutorial will show you how to add Comments or Notes to an order in Orderhive. With this feature, you can record particular information or instructions regarding orders to be followed or referred anytime till order stays in the system.


“How to Clone Orders” in Orderhive

Cloning orders can help you save a lot of time spent on adding a new order which is exactly the same or similar to an existing order in Orderhive.
This video will show you how to clone orders in Orderhive.


“Linking Products” in Orderhive

Linking Product in Orderhive simply means that you’re linking two or more products together to maintain similar inventory levels. This is important to centralize your inventory that might have different name or SKUs across different channels.
This tutorial will show you how to link products in Orderhive – your smart & easy-to-use inventory management software.


“How to Process a Return order” in Orderhive

“No seller would ever want any order to return, right? But then, one thing is for certain: If you can sell it, someone out there will return it too. And hence liberal return policies have become a cost of doing business in the e-commerce age.
While many factors influence customer loyalty, a well-managed returns process drives repeat orders and adds to customer satisfaction.

This video guide will help you learn how to process a return order once you have successfully added or created a return in Orderhive.”

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