“How to take bulk action on orders” in Orderhive

“Order and inventory management isn’t just about how accurately you manage orders and inventory, but it is equally about how efficiently you manage it and how you save your time on common day-to-day management tasks. Orderhive’s order management system lets you do that with very practical features, one of which is taking bulk action on Orders instead of acting upon each order one by one.

This tutorial will show you how to take bulk action for confirming, cancelling, downloading & printing orders as well as adding tags and due dates in bulk.”


“How to partially ship orders” in Orderhive

“Partial shipments are useful in situations wherein a seller needs to create multiple shipments for different items in a single order OR where seller wishes to select different warehouses for shipping different items within the same order.
This video guide will show you how to partially ship an order using Orderhive – your all-in-one order, shipping & inventory management software.”


How to use Orderhive’s Shipping Calculator

“Want to know the most reasonable shipping carrier for each order to be shipped? Not to worry, Orderhive’s shipping calculator will help you with estimating the shipping rates as well as the delivery date.

This video guide will show you how to use Orderhive’s shipping calculator.”


“How to Add a Return” in Orderhive

“Returns can be a burden but are an opportunity if managed well. An effective returns strategy means greater customer satisfaction, which ultimately means better business. Orderhive’s order management tool very well streamlines the inflow of product returns as well as recovery of product in the new value chain.

This tutorial will help you understand Return Settings in Orderhive as well as the process to Add a New Return.”


“How to Export Customers” from Orderhive

“The customer management in any business starts with having all customer details handy when needed. In Orderhive, you can add customer as well as sync from your selling channels. Orderhive’s export feature lets you export all your customer data from the Customers page in an Excel sheet.

This tutorial will show you how to export Customers in Orderhive.”


“How to Export Orders” from Orderhive

“Orderhive lists orders from all your selling channels as well as stores into one dashboard for easy order management & accurate inventory control. You can always export all order details in an excel file and have them handy whenever required for accounting, analysis or any such purpose.

This tutorial will show you how to export Orders in Orderhive.”

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