Walmart Inventory management and Order management

Orderhive Walmart integration provides an automated solution for transferring inventory updates, order information, shipping and tracking data between Walmart and Orderhive.

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Maintain accurate stock level

Whether you make a sale on Walmart or refill your inventory, Orderhive instantly update stock level across all your selling channel. Integrated warehouse management capabilities make sure that your physical stock level matches your online stock value, eliminating the possibility of stock discrepancies.

Fulfill orders in few clicks

As soon as an order is placed on your Walmart store, Orderhive instantly syncs order details, allowing you to further process the order from a single back-end. Consolidated shipping management capabilities enable sellers to print, pack and ship orders in just a few clicks.

Track fulfillment

Orderhive integration with key shipping providers enables you to easily transmit shipment details to your third-party logistic service provider. Integration also let Orderhive pull order confirmation and tracking information in its back-end, helping you to keep track on the entire fulfillment process.

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Connect your channels with Orderhive to make order and inventory management simpler and efficient. Contact us to suggest a channel you would like Orderhive to integrate with.

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