Warehouse Management System

Reduce Safety Stock, Pick & Pack in Real-time, Support Multi Channel Demand and Reduce Operating Costs of Warehouse Management with Orderhive.

Orderhive is one of the most efficient and cost-effective cloud-based warehouse management system. With a host of advanced features, such as barcode reading, picking management, tote creation, SKU duplication management and instant shipment label creation, Orderhive can provide effective warehouse management for your business.

Why use warehouse management system from Orderhive?

Reduce Inventory Costs

Orderhive allows you to bring your safety stock levels down by a significant margin. Once, you are buying less inventory, you are putting lesser working capital into use. A modern warehouse management system such as Orderhive also boosts inventory visibility for an efficient picking process. Orderhive allows you to follow the major picking conventions to cut down processing time and inventory costs.

Eliminate Paperwork

Get rid of all paperwork for inventory upkeep with Orderhive. Orderhive comes with more than 350 integrations to keep a track of every activity and position of your inventory in real-time. Options for automatic report generation and barcode driven inventory control will cut out all the record keeping hassles you have been dealing with till date. You can also automate your stock take and cycle counting process to cut down the hassles further.

Achieve Automation

Orderhive’s backend is designed to record barcode information straight into the system. Just scan the barcode and the information is populated into the system. This creates an automated workflow to manage orders and inventory in one go. When you are selling multichannel with significant volume, barcode managed inventory leads to better space and labour utilization. Orderhive’s system also allows you to pick and pack in real-time. Irrespective of the picking and conventions you want to follow, Orderhive will support that.

Increase Productivity

Orderhive’s warehouse management system is simple to use with a tightly integrated workflow. Warehouse management needs entries that are error free to reduce overall costs of the inventory. With Orderhive, you can be sure about the efficiency of the system that makes your business a lot productive. Orderhive also allows you to transfer stocks between multiple warehouse locations to boost productivity by maximize sales.

Built for Automation

Orderhive makes your life easier by letting you automate multiple tasks.

Automatic status updates

Automatic status updates

Automatically and instantly update the status of your orders across multiple channels, in real-time. No more going through different platforms to update the same order status, Orderhive does it all for you.

Automatic Amazon MCF

Automatic Amazon MCF

Automatically send orders from your different selling channels to Amazon FBA to get them fulfilled. Create custom rules based on your store, order status, payment status, and order date to automate Amazon MCF. Get notified immediately for any failures or discrepancies. This is Amazon MCF made easy.


Automatic invoicing

Automate your invoice generation. Creates different rules depending on your order status, payment status, store, and order date, to get your invoicing work the way you want it. No more messing around generating orders yourself, this is invoicing the way it should be.